OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARecruiters are used when companies do not want to know employees are being replaced or when companies just do not have the time to interview people.  The goal of a recruiter may appear genuine, but almost 100% of the time, they make things worse by lying to the candidates that use them.  One such bad recruiter is Lisa Locke of the recruiting firm Locke and Key!

This Candidate applied for a Structural Engineering position offered by Rutherford + Chekene using Lisa Locke of Locke and Key.  Lisa Locke of Locke and Key appeared to be very enthusiastic for the Candidate.  Naturally, Lisa Locke of Locke and Key referred this Candidate to Rutherford + Chekene to be interviewed.

Rutherford + Chekene had their own ideas.  They decided to use this ad to pull a bait and switch on the Candidate. In this email, Marketing Director Priscilla Castro stated she wanted the Candidate’s references before the job interview took place.  Why would a marketing person do this?  Because she wanted to use the Candidate’s references to poach engineers from other firms, that’s why!  And people should not feel sorry for Priscilla Castro because her hubby is a member of the San Francisco Police Department, a police department known for unethical arrests.

Also in this email, Priscilla Castro told the Candidate the specific project (s)he would be working on.  Ask yourself:  why would a structural engineering firm state to a Candidate they only had a need for them on one specific project when Rutherford + Chekene ran a full time ad?  Rutherford + Chekene is a firm that intentionally deceives people, that’s why!  And Rutherford + Chekene has no issue being the most unethical structural engineering firm not only in the San Francisco Bay Area but in the entire U.S.



When Lisa Locke of Locke and Key was told about the issue, guess what she did about it?  Absolutely nothing!  Lisa Locke of Locke and Key has no issue with deceiving job candidates that use her service.  In fact, she can claim all she wants that she works for the company Rutherford + Chekene as their recruiter.  The fact is that Lisa Locke of Locke and Key is a very despicable human being who posts jobs that are not real.  Lisa Locke of Locke and Key posted a job stating it was full time when it wasn’t because she makes people believe she will lie about any job just to get herself some cash.  Based on this encounter, applicants who use her recruiting firm need to think twice before doing so because for all they know, all the jobs Lisa Locke of Locke and Key advertises are phony!

The only way people can protect themselves from this person is to avoid doing business with her.  Friends don’t let friends use Lisa Locke of Locke and Key!

Are you a client of Lisa Locke of Locke and Key?  Here are the clients:

Rutherford + Chekene

Page and Turnbull

Form 4 Architecture

Jeff King and Company


RINA Accounting

Van Meter, Williams, Pollack, LLP

Aaron Gordon Construction



Recruiters are supposed to do everything they can to convince people to work for their firms.  Some will even play dirty by convincing candidates that their place is the best one to work for.  Let us tell you one such firm exists.  Its name:  BCRA Design.

For those people out there who have never heard of this firm, BCRA Design is a firm the designs public and private school buildings.  All the services are in one place, which makes it cheaper for owners overall.  But this does customers and owners no good when BCRA Design cannot find the talent to make all these projects happen.  One such example is the case in their search for a Director of Structural Engineering at BCRA Design compliments of Jeni Enslin, the Director of Staff Resources at BCRA Design.

In 2015, a Candidate applied to the Director of Structural Engineering position at BCRA Design.  The candidate got to meet the HR staff of BCRA Design.  She sounded pretty nice but then got to varying levels of nasty in the interview.  A few days later, Jeni Enslin, the Director of Staff Resources at BCRA Design, sent this nasty email to the Candidate:


In this email, Jeni Enslin, the Director of Staff Resources at BCRA Design, told the Candidate that his/her talents would be better suited for a larger firm.  How is this an example of valuing individuals?  It’s not!  We can only imagine how Jeni Enslin buys cars and houses:  based on price and not the service she would get.  How is this encouragement?  It’s not!  How does Jeni Enslin, the Director of Staff Resources at BCRA Design, know about talents in a larger firm?  J Jeni Enslin, the Director of Staff Resources at BCRA Design, is as useless as a screen door on a submarine with this response.

When this critique was posted to the Glassdoor website, Jeni Enslin, the Director of Staff Resources at BCRA Design, wrote this response:


There are some major problems with Jeni Enslin’s response such as the fact Jeni Enslin is incapable of functioning in a realty mode.  See, folks, Jeni Enslin, the Director of Staff Resources at BCRA Design, and her firm BCRA Design decided to waste several candidate’s time on a position that should never been advertised in the first place because they were planning to promote from within in the first place.  Nothing says your firm is a disorganized mess than wasting a candidate’s time and money like BCRA Design does compliments of Jeni Enslin, the Director of Staff Resources at BCRA Design.  We at Structural Stupidists know this is true because BCRA Design announced on their website they promoted someone in their firm.



And that shows you that Jeni Enslin, the Director of Staff Resources at BCRA Design, and her firm BCRA Design does not play fair.  If they are great at wasting a candidate’s time, just imagine how they are in other aspects of their firm.  Wait, folks, we have a Yelp review that shows just that.  Take a look for yourselves.



After reading this review, you have to wonder whether BCRA design has a natural talent for screwing over their paying customers you just can’t teach!  We say a big fat yes!

There is plenty of things about Jeni Enslin, the Director of Staff Resources at BCRA Design, that you may not even know.  Did you know Jeni Enslin’s Bible is missing a Commandment or two?  One such missing Commandment is the one stating “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”  And boy did Jeni succeed at violating the Commandments so well!


Now does Jeni Enslin, the Director of Staff Resources at BCRA Design, think this will not affect her?  We bet Jeni Enslin, the Director of Staff Resources at BCRA Design, thinks that.  What she doesn’t know is that she has the natural talent of screwing over her co-workers and family you just can’t teach.

Thanks to the stupidity in that email, we have decided to use it to Jeni Enslin’s disadvantage.  The Structural Stupidists have acquired info that her hubby works for P&G.  So guess what brands we will be urging people not to buy in the future?  P&G!  And we are showing people the email she sent this Candidate as proof.  We have sent this email to Costco corporate!  We have also emailed this to all of P&G’s customers and employees!


Also, we are using this email as a way to get those Washington state politicians to cut money from Washington State University because Jeni Enslin, the Director of Staff Resources at BCRA Design, proves their grads are no good!

Also, firms like BCRA Design need to look into outsourcing their HR Department.  Yes, it will save them plenty of money.  And they need to do that because nothing says your HR department is stupid like wasting candidate’s time compliments of Jeni Enslin.

BCRA Design is that firm you can refuse!  Paid for by people who fear religious hypo-Christians like Jeni Enslin!


Erica Avila: the reason Core States Group is a bad structural engineering firm!

Recruiters can make or break your company.  Here is one company you may not have heard about, but you may have seen their work. Anyone who has even been a customer at Chase Bank, McDonalds, Taco Bell, or CVS may have heard of this firm.  This firm is the Core State Group.

A Candidate applied to their Structural Engineer post.  The Candidate met Core States Group’s recruiter Erica Avila for the first time.  She stated she had never recruited engineers who designed buildings. The Candidate was very patient.

A few days later, Erica Avila contacted the Candidate.  Instead of setting up the second interview like she promised the candidate, she decided to interrogate the Candidate!  She told the Candidate that she wanted a list of all projects the Candidate ever designed. There is one major problem with this:  the Candidate was also a reviewer for two years.  Erica Avila wanted the candidate to list every building (s)he designed.  This would be a massive task.  So why would Erica Avila of the Core States Group want this information?  We believe it is because she wants to use the candidate’s job experience to procure future work.

Erica Avila also claimed that self-employed people should never apply to work for Core States Group.  This idiot also claimed that because someone claimed they were freelance means they are looking only for part time work.  Eric Avila lives in a fantasy world where all structural engineers are fully employed.  We bet she would discriminate against retired people and part-time mothers if she could.  If Erica Avila cannot understand what she is hiring for, do you think she should work as a recruiter?  We bet she must think that being on government assistance would be so much easier than for this Candidate to actually make money.

When the Candidate stated that HR should be eliminated, Erica Avila went off the rails.  Apparently, job security for idiots is a number 1 thing with Erica Avila.

If Erica Avila had a brain in her head or a place to put one, she would know that the Candidate is licensed in California as a Structural Engineer.  This means that this Candidate could legally design any building including schools and hospitals.

We read the Glassdoor complaints and learned that Core States Group is a very bad company to work for.  After seeing how this Candidate was treated by their HR person Erica Avila, we can only imagine how well (or not well) run this firm is. had some very unflattering comments on this firm!

Core States Group lacked leadership. Work load was unbalanced and there was no focus on manpower utilization. My last day came as a surprise and and someway I felt it was a good circumstance to find and seek other and better opportunities. Management would without consulting your deadlines, override any project manager scope and take away your manpower on your project. This was frustrating and is probably one of the reasons we had to be let go. Overhead costs were being affected by poor management of manpower. Sadly, I did like the CEO but I had no say so on how business should operate.

Conclusion:  Avoid Core States Group at all costs!  If you ever encounter Erica Avila, avoid her at all costs!



Rutherford + Chekene Caught Deceiving Their Interview Candidates

We would not believe it for ourselves, but we just discovered a structural engineering firm that could be run by the people of the fictional planet Ferenginar because they value money/capitalism and unethical behavior over their reputation of their firm.  This firm is called Rutherford + Chekene.  For those who have never heard of R+C, they design hospitals, universities, biotech buildings, and several museums.  Many people will know their work such as the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Monterey Bay Aquarium (as featured in Star Trek IV) and the Pixar Animation Studios (home to Toy Story & The Incredibles).

The Candidate applied for their ad.  As many people in California know, Rutherford + Chekene has a stellar reputation for their structural engineering services.  So this Candidate was excited to apply for this ad.  We have posted the ad so you can see it for yourselves.

Rutherford + Chekene

R+C is one of the foremost engineering practices in California, providing structural and geotechnical engineering. Established in 1960, we are committed to hands-on involvement with our clients, and to maintaining a friendly and welcoming in-office atmosphere.

Our new building portfolio includes significant collaborations with internationally acclaimed architects on a variety of building types. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide creative and practical solutions that support great architectural visions. Our services also include seismic evaluations and retrofits of existing buildings. We have many new and exciting projects in the institutional and commercial sectors, both here in the U.S., and abroad.

    o Hollister Courthouse | SEAONC Excellence in Structural Engineering, Award of Merit, New Construction, 2016
    o LBNL Chu Hall (Solar Energy Research Center) | AIA SF Design Awards 2016, Honor Award
    o UC Berkeley Lower Sproul Redevelopment | SEAONC Excellence in Structural Engineering, Award of Merit, Retrofit/Alteration, 2016
    o Stanford Energy System Innovations (Replacement Central Energy Facility) | SEAONC, Excellence in Structural Engineering, Award of Merit, Infrastructure, 2016 & AIA SF Design Awards 2016, Honor Award & ENR’s “Best of the Best” Energy/Industrial Project of the Year
    o SFO New Air Traffic Control Tower | SEAONC Excellence in Structural Engineering, Award of Excellence, Landmark, 2016
    o New Hospital Bed Tower in Fresno
    o New Childcare and Office Buildings for Biopharmaceutical Client in the Peninsula
    o San Francisco International Airport, New Boarding Area B & Terminal 1 Renovation
    o Over 1 million square feet of new commercial laboratory buildings for BMR(Black Rock) at Foster City, South San Francisco and Fremont
    o UCSF Mission Bay Precision Cancer Center
    o Google TI work
    o Stanford Biomedical Innovation
    o San Jose Performing Arts
    o Frost Amphitheater at Stanford
    o UCSB Lecture Hall and Theatre
    We are seeking two Structural Engineers to join our team, to help us manage our growth and work on the next interesting projects. Build your career with us! If you are interested in joining a dynamic and growing team, we want to hear from you.

These are salaried, full time positions, with benefits.

Job Title: Senior Licensed Engineer/Project Manager

Job Start Date: Monday, September 12, 2016

Job Description:


You will be working as part of a firm-wide team to manage and work on all aspects of engineering including analysis and design for a variety of high-profile projects. This is a great opportunity for a candidate eager to collaborate in multi-disciplinary teams, using cutting-edge technology and processes to deliver excellent design.

Duties and responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:
• Manage the structural design effort for a variety of complex and interesting projects.
• Interact directly with design first world-class architects.
• Apply skills, knowledge and expertise to collaborate with all project team members to:
• Identify scope of services and required information and steps to meet project commitments.
• Obtain information, decisions and approvals as necessary to meet project commitments.
• Present engineering concepts and lead discussion of concerns with project team.
• Maintain awareness of applicable design standards, regulations and approval processes.
• Complete structural engineering design activities including review of applicable building codes, performing structural analysis and calculations, developing construction drawing and details, assembling project specifications, reviewing shop drawings and performing construction administration activities.
• 8-11 years of working experience in the structural engineering field.
• Experience designing building structures in concrete and steel.
• Experience with a variety of structural analysis software: ECAD, SAFE, RAM, ETABS, and SAP90.
• Ability to manage projects and engineering staff.
• B.S. Degree in Civil Engineering or Architectural Engineering with an emphasis in Structural.
• Master’s Degree a plus.
• SE Required.

    Candidates should have strong analytical, detailing, communication and interpersonal skills and should be able to develop and maintain good relationships with industry peers.

We are looking for employees who enjoy engaging with architects, owners, contractors, clients and other external team members.

We are seeking engineers who are able to jump into a project and start working immediately.

Ability to resolve issues and complete work per deadlines efficiently.

Ability to work well on a project team.


Rutherford + Chekene offers a competitive salary and benefits package: medical, dental and vision insurance, paid personal time off, 401(k) plan, and continuing education allowance. We believe in developing employees to be the best they can be in their professional life, with a genuine work-life balance. R+C is an equal opportunity employer.


Folks, this sounds like a great ad from an engineering firm, but is it really?  One Candidate got this interesting email and (s)he got a response from Priscilla Castro, their HR person.  See below:

RNCINterview Eamil 153


From this email, it is obvious that Rutherford + Chekene did a bait & switch on this Candidate.  Instead of interviewing for the full time Structural Project Manager position they advertised, they decided to tell the Candidate the job would only be available for two months because Priscilla Castro mentions one specific job this person would be working on.  That is quite a big difference from their ad stating the positions were full-time.  Now ask yourselves, would you trust this firm at all?  If they wrote an ad for a full time position and then offered a part time position, would you trust Rutherford + Chekene?  We say no!  We say that their answers are followed with flying pigs and flaming snowballs.  Ask yourselves:  would you trust them to honor things like vacation time, PTO, or other benefits?  Most likely not! We know this firm is composed of lying liars because they recently promoted a bunch of people in the firm.



Also, this organization can claim they are hands-on all they want, but the fact is this was clearly demonstrated by their lack of hands on experience in the use of a computer when writing this ad!  Did they forget to write the truth in their employment ad?  Of course not!

In addition, Priscilla Castro wanted this person’s references before the interview.  This is really unusual because the Candidate did not have the interview or see the working environment of the firm.  We can only imagine how she shops for plumbers to fix plugged up drains in her house!  We guess the true reason she did this is to get additional marketing contacts for Rutherford + Chekene without having to open a book or pick up the phone to call them herself.  This is very unethical!  Priscilla Castro needs to be thinned from the herd, if you know what we mean!

And being deceptive may not be her fault!  It could be caused by her fellow co-workers at Rutherford + Chekene or even worse yet her own husband!  Her husband is Azarias Castro, a San Francisco police officer.  This is significant because the SFPD has plenty of issues with unethical individuals.  Just look at the racist texts they send.

Apparently, Rutherford + Chekene is in desperate need of continuous education because they have clearly demonstrated they have no concepts of ethics!  Lying in a job ad is problematic because people tend to not believe you.  We can think where Priscilla Castro’s next job could be:  crooked car saleswoman!

And if you thought the culture of unethical behavior was only limited to one employee, you would be completely wrong!  Meet David Bleiman, the CEO of Rutherford + Chekene.  His last name rhymes with Lie-Man because he cannot tell the truth!  David Bleiman clearly cannot read a job description either.  In his rejection email to the Candidate, David Bleiman stated he could not hire this person for positions at Rutherford + Chekene because they did not have Revit experience.  David Bleiman needs to understand how to read and write the English language because he did not state this in his ad for the position.



During the Candidate’s interview with Helen Fehr and David Bleiman, the Candidate asked about Revit training because (s)he did not have it.  Helen Fehr & David Bleiman assured the Candidate (s)he would get it.  Per the Structural Project Manager position, it was not stated.   During the interview, David Bleiman & Helen Fehr constantly complained how the firm lost their engineers to DSA, OSHPD, and the Structural Engineering division of HOK Architects.  Also, Helen Fehr (aka the Little Old Lady from Martinez) and David Bleiman admitted the full-time positions were not available even though their ad stated this.

Also, the Candidate interviewed with Patrick Ryan & Brent Lizundia.  These Principals told the Candidate (s)he would be having a chaotic environment where the Candidate would not be told about any project deadlines.  Translation:  expect to be their client’s personal whipping boy!  Also, expect to be fired for something that is not your fault!

The problem with bait-and-switch tactics is that they produce disengaged workers, damage company cultures, spike employee turnover rates and severely impact productivity. They also take a nasty bite out of a business’s bottom line.  Guess Rutherford + Chekene do not care about their current and/or future profits or their employees.  Based on this incident, it is no wonder they had to set their sights on a smaller office on Beale Street in San Francisco!

Rutherford & Chekene’s screw-ups have made local news.   This is easy to do because their projects are high profile.  In fact, these people are so dumb they could not figure out what standards to design their structures to.  One such problem was the pedestrian bridges at the West Dublin Pleasanton station.  Anyone with 1/3 of a brain would know that you should look at a map before designing a structure.  Well, folks, Rutherford + Chekene did not do that at all because the pedestrian bridge was located over a Calrans freeway.  As a result, the pedestrian bridge had to be torn down.

So what have we learned today?  We have learned that structural engineering firms are more like car dealerships in that they have higher levels of morality impairedness!  If you want to be scammed by senior citizen engineers like David Bleiman and Helen Fehr, then this firm is for you.  Clients and the public should avoid this firm like the bubonic plague because Rutherford + Chekene is bad news to anyone who interviews them or eve designs buildings for them.


Last month, a promising structural engineering candidate applied for a position at Patel Burica & Associates of Irvine, CA.  The Candidate was being interviewed for a Team Leader/Project Manager position.  The Candidate received this email:


I have a potential opening I would like to discuss it with you.  Particularly, I am looking for a team leader / project manager specializing in high density wood framed buildings, 4-5 stories tall, wrapped around parking structures or podium type, with parking underneath.  Please send me more detailed information about your experience with this type of work.  Perhaps we can arrange for a Skype meeting soon.


Sharad T. Patel, Principal of the firm

The Candidate was traveling to Southern California for a bunch of job interviews, so (s)he thought it would be easier to arrange an in-person visit in Irvine, CA.  The Candidate felt it would be better to see the office environment up close.

Patel Burica & Associates is a structural engineering firm that specializes in multi-family and other low-rise buildings.  Founders Sharad Patel & Mike Burica were formerly of VCA Structural Engineers.


The Candidate was being interviewed about his/her design experience.  The Candidate was asked by Sharad Patel how (s)he would be managed.  The Candidate said it would be no issue working with Patel Burica & Associates Principals and Founders Sharad Patel and Mike Burica.  Also, why would a Candidate need supervision if (s)he already knows how to do the job?  We understand that this Candidate wanted to learn how these Principals do their job well and take no issue with it.

Later, in the interview, Sharad Patel performed a bait-and-switch on the Candidate.  Sharad asked the Candidate whether (s)he would work as an independent contractor.  The candidate asked why that was.  Sharad Patel stated there would be work in Northern California, but not enough to warrant hiring a full time engineer.

Patel Burica & Associates Principals and Founders Sharad Patel and Mike Burica discussed a pretty stupid engineering issue.  As many people know, apartment buildings are quite huge in plan area.  They are usually made of wood.  The California Building Code allows these apartment complexes to be huge but the area has to be chopped up through the use of fire walls.  This safety feature allows only one part of the building to be on fire so that the occupants of the complex can safely get out.  Sharad Patel asked the Candidate about running structural members through it such as a collector strap.  The Candidate rightly said this was not allowed. For all intents and purposes, each plan area needs to be analyzed separately for gravity and seismic forces.  Sharad went off on the Candidate and told the Candidate that this was allowed because he said so.  The Candidate rightly stated that the fire department did not allow anything to pass through the fire wall because it would act as a conductor and transfer heat and a fire risk to the neighboring units.  This means that Patel Burica & Associates is only in the market to rebuild apartment buildings every so often.  Can you say this new name:  Structural Stupidist Sharad?

The Candidate received this email a few days later:


CandidateSharad Patel,

Thanks for coming in.  At this time, we will not be offering you a full time position.  However, we do have several projects in Northern California, and should the need arise for engineering support as in independent contractor, I will be sure to contact you.



This was clearly a bait-and-switch.  Ask yourselves:  who would want to relocate in Irvine, CA, for a part-time opportunity?  For all the Candidate knows, the opportunity may not even exist.

For all we know, Patel Burica & Associates could be using this Candidate’s outstanding accomplishments to get work for the firm without that Candidate actually being employed there.  This is a scam in so many ways.  Here is how it works:  the firm saves this person’s resume.  Using Adobe Acrobat, the firm changes it back to a Word format so they can edit it for themselves.  The unsuspecting architect/client has no idea this is happening and they will have no way to check it because the Client firm will leave off identifying information such as a California Licensed Structural Engineer number, personal portfolio websites, and personal email addresses.  It’s truly the sign of an unethical company like this one may be.

This candidate experience demonstrates many things.  It proves that Patel Burica & Associates does not value their employees.  In fact, they see their employees as disposable.

Because when Patel Burica & Associates uses a bait-and-switch tactic, it means at least one of the following:

* Patel Burica & Associates is unethical.

* The principals of Patel Burica & Associates are unethical.

* Patel Burica & Associates’ environment is chaotic.

* Patel Burica & Associates is going through a reorganization.

* The corporate culture of Patel Burica & Associates is abusive.

* The job is different from what it was told it would be.

* Patel Burica & Associates will rescind other things it offers its employees, such as bonuses, benefits, or vacation time.

The Candidate was glad this proverbial card was played.  The Candidate has decided to publicize the bad experience.  It was last seen at the Irvine Spectrum Center.

So if you encounter a scam like this one, take note of this engineering firm called Patel Burica & Associates and run away from them immediately.

Anil Verma Associates Uses Job Interviews For Free Consulting

Liz Ryan wrote in one of her LinkedIn columns that people should not give the keys to the proverbial castle in interviews.  That is because unethical companies will use you for free consulting.   Let us introduce you to one such firm: Anil Verma Associates.  For those who do not know who they are, Anil Verma Associates is a consultant for public agencies that design mass transit systems.  The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit System (or BART) is one of their clients.

You can check out this link to see if you are one of Anil Verma’s clients.


Back in 2012, Anil Verma Associates posted a job opening for a Senior Structural Engineering position on the SEAONC website.

Anil Verma Associates, Inc. (AVA) is currently seeking for an energetic, motivated, and detail-oriented to join our Milpitas/Oakland, CA staff as Sr. Structural Engineer/Structural Engineer. The qualified candidate will have the following required experience:

  • Minimum 10 years of experience in design of building and transit structures with knowledge of utilizing reinforced and prestressed concrete, structural steel and masonry
  • Knowledgeable in structural modeling and analysis with application of structural software (e.g. SAP 2000 and RISA programs).
  • Proficiency in application of the AISC, ACI, ASCE7, and California Building Codes
  • Familiar with the LRFD criteria
  • Designs and develops structural plans and details; experience in Auto CAD is a plus
  • Coordinates with other disciplines as required
  • S. in Civil Engineering; M.S. in Structural Engineering, preferred
  • E. Structural License in California is required
  • Great verbal and written communication skills are a must

This applicant has designed with all of these materials and both buildings and bridges.  (S)he exceed many of these requirements.  Vic Zikoor called him/her in for an interview.  The applicant was excited because (s)he thought this was their dream job.


Pictured above:  Vic Zikoor & Dary Haghighi

Instead of asking the applicant questions about his/her experiences and what he/she could bring to Anil Verma, Daryoush Haghighi asked the applicant questions about the Berryessa BART Station.  Daryoush Haghighi was asking the applicant very technical questions. Obviously, Daryoush Haghighi had no experience designing structures per the California Building Code.  Daryoush Haghighi could not tell what the lateral system in the Berryessa BART Station was.

Most people would feel like they were used.  The applicant certainly felt like he/she was being used.  The applicant decided to have some fun with it.  The applicant thought of a situation where (s)he was the smart kid being bullied for my homework.  Guess what he/she did?  (S)he gave Daryoush Haghighi the wrong information for the project.  (S)he told him that the transit station could be built using wood instead of structural steel.  Most of the applicant’s ideas were ridiculously outrageous.  The applicant thought Daryoush Haghighi would have consulted with the architects in his office first.  Later, you will read what happened.

If only Anil Verma Associates had checked Daryoush Haghighi’s resume before hiring him, they would have discovered quite a few red flags.  The applicant found this information in 5 seconds using Google!

According to his online resume, his body of experience before 2012 included:

  • The design of the Alsea Bay Bridge in Waldport, Oregon
  • Main Street Interchange bridges over I-5 freeway in Orange County, CA
  • The seismic bridge retrofit of the I-280 Southern Freeway Viaduct in San Francisco, California, the SR 91 HOV bridges in Orange County, CA, and the I-5/I-8 Interchange Bridges in San Diego, CA.
  • Dangsan Steel Railway Bridge Replacement Project located in Seoul, South Korea

Notice there is NOT one building project in his resume before 2012.  Bridges in seismically active California behave much differently that buildings in California.

Guess what happened after the applicant’s interview?  Vic Zikoor of Anil Verma Associates sent the applicant an email stating they had no work.  The applicant really felt used after that interview.  Why do firms post ads for non-existent jobs?  In Vic Zikoor’s case, he just wanted to see what was out there.  Or Vic Zikoor and Daryoush Haghighi were really jealous of the applicant and his/her abilities.  Our sources told the applicant that they had no approval to post that position.



The applicant went to work for him/herself designing the BART Milpitas station for another consultant.  The applicant learned later that Daryoush Haghighi & Vic Zikoor presented the applicant’s lousy ideas to the BART Engineers.  They were struck down by the architects and engineers who knew the building code better than they did.  Daryoush Haghighi & Vic Zikoor were literally ridiculed in the meeting.

As for Daryoush Haghighi, he was fired by Anil Verma Associates in 2013.  You can check out his LinkedIn profile so you can see it for yourself.

When BART reviewed the Berryessa Station design, they had over 10,000 design and constructability comments.  The applicant would have figured it out right away.  It took the AVA design team several months to resolve the issues.  AVA decided to hire another structural engineer.  We bet they had to pay big money for him to resolve all the plan check comments.


In 2014, Anil Verma Associates posted the Structural Engineer position again.  The applicant decided to interview for it again.  Maybe AVA got additional work from other transit agencies.  The applicant felt that because (s)he had experience designing the BART Milpitas station, (s)he would be very qualified be part of the design team.  The applicant was completely wrong.

The applicant took a phone call from Vic Zikoor.  The applicant turned on the speaker so people could hear it.  Vic Zikoor told (s)he the position was only for part-time work.  When the applicant asked him why the position was for part-time work, Vic Zikoor stated that he wanted the firm to keep the younger people on the payroll because they were cheaper.  We could tell he posted the ad because he needed someone to resolve an immediate issue.  When the applicant asked whether he would receive a call back, Vic Zikoor stated he would.  What Vic Zikoor failed to recall is that the applicant saved his previous emails.

The applicant recapped everything that was discussed in the email (s)he sent him.


Based on my last encounter in 2012, the work never materialized with AVA after I had my interview with you.  You said it was canceled.  Back in 2012, you posted a Craigslist ad and a SEAONC stating you had work.  After the in-person interview, you asked me for a start date.  Instead of a start date, you stated the job never materialized via email.  Vic Zikoor, why does AVA advertise non-existent jobs?  I have attached the email you sent back in 2012.

Also, why would you hire me part-time?  If you are building a structural engineering team for AVA, don’t you want people to service the job during all stages?  Does AVA value the SE license?  Apparently not from what I have seen!  As you said over the phone, you have to keep the young people at AVA instead of experienced people like myself.
You and your firm cried wolf too many times in the past.  This time, I think this is another trick because of what happened the last time.  Except this time I am not falling for it.  Based on what has happened to me in the past, I note when companies do this to me so that others know who they are and refuse to do business with them.  I have even convinced major retailers not to supply their products in their stores.  It’s worked!

That’s my two cents.  Contact me when you have a place where I can develop my career instead of a part-time job.  As you said, your firm only offers part time work!

The Applicant, SE

Still looking for a design job designing actual structures”


The applicant never heard from Vic Zikoor or Anil Verma Associates after that.  In 2015, he left Anil Verma Associates.  We think he was mad because of all the bad publicity we gave him.   After all, if we owned Anil Verma Associates, we would have fired Vic Zikoor a long time ago.  As for owner Anil Verma, he never contacted the applicant about his/her bad recruiting experience with Vic Zikoor.  It is a shame because unlike that bar Cheers, it is not necessary a good thing when everyone knows your name.


Time to shine our light on another dumb structural engineering firm – and when we say dumb, this means dumb about running some aspects of their firm.  This firm is not only dumb at that, but very heartless as well.  And you will not believe who it is.  This structural engineering firm is Buehler & Buehler Structural Engineers!

No we are not talking about this Buehler.


For the folks out there who have never heard of Buehler & Buehler, it is a structural engineering firm founded in 1946 in Sacramento, CA, with offices in San Francisco, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.  They are widely known for designing a variety of projects, but we know them from their work on DSA projects years ago.  These engineers may know how to design buildings, but they do not know how to recruit qualified people to their firm.  We have proof of this.

An applicant recently responded to an ad.  We have posted it for reference.


This is a great opportunity for the applicant.  (S)he loves designing public schools because it is a need. (S)he have also reviewed buildings, so having both experiences is an asset.

But there is a major issue here with this ad.  It requires that (s)he has to live in LA first before (s)he even apply.  Nothing shows red flags like requiring people to live in the area before they decide to work there.

LoriBurbridge BBSE

Lori Burbridge is the UC Davis dimwit who has a B.S. in Political Science and Sociology and a Ph D in Bad Answers!

Buehler & Buehler has some major issues.  In fact, based on this ad alone and the email (s)he received, we would say they are anti-employee.  We want to emphasize we do not believe their engineers may not be like this, but based on my encounter with their marketing person, this is definitely the case.  Let me explain why we feel this way.

  1. Let’s say (s)he lives in an area where the climate is making him/her sick such as allergies like Austin, TX, I would not be able to work for Buehler & Buehler because (s)he would have to live in LA first.  Why would someone want to move to LA first without a job?  That is pretty dumb.  You need money to live in California.
  1. What if (s)he were moving to be close to a sick family member? According to Buehler & Buehler, (s)he would not be able to apply for that position because (s)he does not live in LA.  And who wants to relocate just to take care of a sick parent if they do not have a job?  No one we know of.
  1. What if (s)he wanted to be closer to my family and friends? (S)he cannot do that if (s)he do not have a job because (s)he needs money to live.  But (s)he would not work for Buehler and Buehler because (s)he would have to live in LA first before (s)he is allowed to work there.

What Buehler & Buehler may not have counted on is that this will be discussed in Congress.  There was a recent bill introduced on July 6th called the Lift the Relocation Burden on the Military Spouses Act.  This allows spouses of military members to transfer their professional licenses easier like Professional Engineers like this aplicant when they move with their spouses.  This is a great bill.


We got a big laugh out of a person who believes that her job is to find excellence.  We found out one of her talks.


How can this woman marketing manager know excellence when she is restricting candidates based on a geographic area?

Based on the email the applicant received from Buehler & Buehler, it doesn’t necessarily make you employable because you have to live in the area first.  When is living in LA a job requirement?  It is like believing that eating alphabet soup would increase your vocabulary.

Did you know Buehler & Buehler designed the Beale AFB Global Hawk Dormitory?  That is a big fat slap in the face, folks!

There are other issues.  This person has worked in the LA area for two years.  (S)he was staying in a hotel working for a building department.  (S)he developed some of the engineering standards many of the LA County communities use.  Also, (s)he has a California SE License.  Does this mean that because (s)he do not live in LA, (s)he cannot work for Buehler & Buehler?  Of course not!  Technology such as computers and high speed internet make it easier to communicate with clients over miles and miles.  But if it’s up to that marketing director at Buehler & Buehler, you cannot do that.

After (s)he received that email, this video seems a little hypocritical.  The engineers may mean well, but the firm cannot succeed if they cannot find people.  People will love the firm’s response to Commitment.  In the applicant’s case, it is a Commitment to use every excuse to reject candidates from working at that firm.


Initially, we were a little let down when we got this email.  But then we decided to do something about it.  We have decided to publicize this email and use it as a marketing tool.

  1. If you are an attorney looking at a construction defect case, you can use this email to show how bad the firm is at recruiting engineers. We will email it to them for their use.

  2. If you are an architect, would you hire Buehler & Buehler? We would say a big fat no based on my encounter with their marketing person until they apologized to me personally!

  3. If you are a contractor and have trouble with an engineer, you can now rest assured that Buehler & Buehler has problems based on the email we received from them. That means Buehler & Buehler will have to pay much higher insurance premiums.

  4. If you are a competing structural engineering firm, you can use this to recruit engineers away from Buehler & Buehler.

Right now, we are distributing this email to lots of people.  We will be going across California and showing it off to everyone.  And it will be in very public places.  Want to go to Costco and get your groceries?  You can learn about Buehler & Buehler: no problem.  Expect to see it at LA Live, the Santa Monica Pier, the State Capitol, DSA Offices, anywhere there is big masses of people.

If they are rejecting qualified candidates for reasons this stupid, do you think they will find anyone?  We are calling on the President of the firm to address this issue immediately with us personally.  If not, we will just keep showing this email off to everyone – and we mean everyone!  Unlike that bar Cheers, it is not necessary a good thing when everyone knows your name:  Buehler & Buehler!


ScottHooker BBSE

One person contacted CEO Scott Hooker of Buehler & Buehler!  (pictured above)  Scott Hooker was quite upset over the bad publicity and claimed the issue was caused by bad actors!  The problem here is that the entire profession of structural engineering is 100% bad actors.  The only way this will stop is if the reputation of the structural engineering profession is destroyed so badly that no one will ever want to be one.  Scott Hooker needs to prove to the public that structural engineers are not like the ones people have encountered.  Scott Hooker was quite shocked to learn the media ranks them worse than lint and most STDs.  Scott Hooker was also shocked that this group is destroying other businesses!  He needs to look in the mirror to understand why people hate his profession so much.  Saying that his firm doesn’t act unprofessional is useless unless he shows applicants that he puts his money where his mouth is.

And since Scott Hooker says they need someone who knows the LA market, we have a much better idea.  We believe the LA market should know them.  This is why we have decided to spread the word about Buehler & Buehler.  Think of Buehler & Buehler as that name people think isn’t nice so they will remember it twice!  Go to shopping centers and malls and display Buehler & Buehler as that bad structural engineering firm you should run from – like the bubonic plague.  Scott Hooker told this person they would get back to him/her right away.  This is a lie Scott Hooker told just to keep people off that firm’s back.  Typical!  So typical!  Savage individuals like Scott Hooker cannot even follow his own rules!

Also, another candidate applied to Buehler & Buehler.  That candidate was promised that they would be considered when more positions were available.  The problem is that this never happened at all!  Folks, this proves that Structural Engineers are the biggest liars in the engineering profession.  As a result, the profession must be permanently humiliated.

Folks, start spreading the word.  Use the name Buehler & Buehler for other words.  Go onto Twitter & Facebook and state that Buehler & Buehler is pretty bad.  Buehler & Buehler is structural stupidity you can count on!