Wiseman + Rohy Structural Engineers scammed a potential employee. Little do they know that everyone knows of their hostile work environment.

Have you ever wanted to play wackamole with your profession?  Have you ever wanted to be treated with disrespect?  Have you ever wanted to experience professional immaturity?  Well, now you can by applying to work in the structural engineering profession at Wiseman + Rohy in San Diego, CA.

Here is the ad they posted on the SEAOSD website:

Wiseman + Rohy is a full service Structural Engineering company with four decades of quality projects constructed around the United States. Most of these projects are in Southern California, but recent projects have been in Hawaii, Washington, Oregon and New Mexico. We have the advantage of being an established company with a lot of young energy.
Wiseman + Rohy Structural Engineers focuses on retaining quality engineers to ensure a quality design. We encourage our engineers to advance as quickly as possible and take on as many different types of projects as soon as possible. This is a unique opportunity to show your skills while keeping your career interesting.
Wiseman + Rohy Structural Engineers has an extremely diverse list of clients. Our projects are equally varied and include corporate, theater, hanger, religious, medical and educational projects.

Job Title: Project Engineer / Project Manager

Job Start Date: Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Job Description:

Wiseman + Rohy Structural Engineers is looking for an engineer with over 5 years of experience in structural engineering. This position offers the opportunity to participate in challenging and unique projects in all types of commercial structures.

Job Requirements:

Attitude that is focused on responsiveness and superior client service
BS degree in Structural Engineering
Proficient in the design of concrete, steel, masonry and wood structures
Construction Administration experience
Experience with writing reports
Demonstrates experience interacting with clients and staff on projects
Ability to manage projects while working on concurrent projects
Excellent written and verbal communication skills and strong analytical skills
Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in California
The responsibilities of this position include producing design calculations and construction documents, coordination with the design team and team members within our office, construction administration services and management of other engineers for a wide variety of projects. The job allows for engineers to see a project from design all the way through construction.
We are looking for a highly motivated engineer to become a long-term part of this established company. We pride ourselves in all of our long-term employees and feel this is due to our varied projects and good working environment.



At first glance, the ad appears to be OK.  The problem is that this ad does not affect reality of Wiseman + Rohy whatsoever.  Let us explain why:

“a lot of young energy” means they perform the illegal act of discriminating against candidates 30 and up.  One applicant for the position wanted to work for this firm because (s)he felt their cultures and engineering work meshed.  Jim Wiseman wrote the candidate an email stating he wanted the candidate to see his excellent company.  But when that candidate took Jim Wiseman up on his offer, Jim Wiseman immediately rescinded the candidate’s application to the company.  For Jim Wiseman and his staff, every day is April Fools Day because he advertises jobs that are nonexistent.

“retaining quality engineers” is another false statement W+R puts in their job ad, evidenced by the firm withdrawing the candidacy of a person who is more than qualified.  And when we say qualified, we mean having 15 plus years of experience and a California Structural Engineering License.  But his ad states he is looking for someone with only 5 years of experience.  Translation:  W+R wants to pay their employees as little as possible!

“demonstrates working with clients” is a slap in the face.  This firm Wiseman + Rohy cannot even demonstrate how they work with potential job applicants who know their clients.


Wiseman + Rohy also has major recruiting problems.  If you check out their former employees’ LinkedIn pages, their claim for long-term employment does not hold water at all.  Just check out the LinkedIn profiles of people who have worked there:

Just ask Barry Speer, currently the regional manager of Donan, who was stuck in the Project Engineer position for 9 years.  Jim Wiseman treats engineers like cogs in a wheel until he can no longer use them.

Another employee W+R treated like garbage is Rosella Moreno.  She only worked for W+R for 8 months before leaving to work for the city of San Diego.

Another employee named Lindsay Patch left W+R after a mere 16 months to work for a contractor.

How does Wiseman + Rohy retain quality engineers if they leave in such a short time?  Answer:  they can’t!

What do all of these people have in common?  They all left because Wiseman + Rohy was too busy screwing them.  For all people know, they could have been fired for no reason at all.

Also, you may notice that Wiseman + Rohy has been attempting to recruit engineers from as far away as Washington. Ask yourself:  why would they do this?  Because their reputation as an engineering firm stinks as much as limburger cheese!

It is so bad at Wiseman + Rohy that one of their Directors of Marketing left after a very short time working there!  Just check out the LinkedIn profile!


We are pretty lucky to get some proof about the recruiting problems Wiseman + Rohy has in attracting qualified people.  Look at the emails where a candidate named Michael asked about arranging an office visit while he was vacationing in San Diego.  As anyone knows, it is great for people to check out the office before they decide to work for Wiseman + Rohy.


WR Email 1

WR Email 2

Did you notice how James Wiseman’s tone changed when they wanted an office visit?  There are many explanations. The best one is that Wiseman + Rohy was looking to fire an employee at the firm without telling them about it.  And the reason may or may not be legitimate.  We would not be surprised if it were a person with a California Structural Engineering License.


Wiseman + Rohy wants candidates to write out their entire job history.  The real reason Wiseman + Rohy does this is that they need free consulting to write job ads.  Why else would Jim Wiseman do this?  What James Wiseman doesn’t know is that he breaks state laws by making employees, potential and current, work for free!

And why would this firm do such a thing?  Does his firm have a high turnover rate?  We bet it does.

Heck, they even harassed an applicant over 40.  What makes people think W+R will not break the other employment laws?  We do not know about that, but we bet you would not even go near them in the future,


Even worse yet, Wiseman + Rohy is too busy screwing candidates over who happen to develop business opportunities for them.  For example, one of Brandon Deems’ projects was the Regal Theater in Issaquaah, WA.  For those that do not know, Regal was busted for cutting employees’ hours to get out of giving them health care.  That city happens to be the HQ for Costco.  Costco is the 8th largest retailer in the world.  The candidate his dumb firm interviewed with happened to help Costco get more locations built and expand their business with his/her ideas.  So W+R has no problem shooting themselves in the foot.

For Wiseman + Rohy, treating candidates like crap appears to be a way of life.

Who are the employees who work there?  Notice very few have advanced engineering degrees.

Steven Crook, SE – 1998 Grad of Cal Poly SLO

Jim Wiseman, SE – 1988 Grad of Cal Poly SLO

Steve Rohy, SE – 1992 Grad of Cal Poly SLO

Michael Sims – 2013 Masters Grad of UCLA

David Maestas – 2003 grad of University of Wyoming


Folks, there are plenty of things that people can do about Wiseman + Rohy.  The easiest way they can do this is to avoid doing business with their clients.  It is much easier than people think.

If you want to go to the movies, avoid the Regal and Century/Cinemark Theaters.  Wiseman + Rohy designs them.

Do you want to buy your next new or used automobile?  Avoid AutoNation dealerships.  Wiseman + Rohy designed them, too.

Are you looking for some office space to rent?  Do not get it from City Heights Center in San Diego.

Do you need to go to a hospital?  Avoid the Scripps Memorial Hospital in Chula Vista.

Retailers, are you looking to locate your business in a shopping center?  Avoid Bella Terra in Huntington Beach.

This list will be updated constantly as we find out more information.  For right now, you can think of the firm as unWiseman + Whore-y!



Author: structuralstupidists

We profile the bad recruiting practices of structural engineering.

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