Wilmore-sadHave you ever wanted to waste your time applying for jobs that don’t exist? Have you ever wanted to waste $5 a gallon gas for something that’s almost completely useless? Have you ever wanted to decide between feeding your family and getting a non-existent job?

Well, you can do that by applying for a job as a Structural Engineer at Santa Rosa based MKM & Associates, founded by Larry Miyano. These principals shall remain nameless but go by the initials of Larry Miyano, SE; Eric Kraeger, SE; and John Cook, SE. At MKM & Associates, you will get to be told in person that they don’t have to work even though they placed an ad in the SEAONC website or on Craigslist.  Ironically, they design churches, so we guess they never read the Commandment stating Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness. This really proves they are not LEEDers, but structural stupid-ists. Why have a potential employee waste gas on coming to an interview of a non-existent job when the information could have been disseminated over the phone or through Skype?

Check out the email Larry Miyano sent to an applicant:

If MKM knew the job was already filled before the candidate got there, why didn’t they call the candidate up and tell the candidate that the job was filled? Perhaps MKM is partying like it’s 1989 because they apparently do not believe the use of technology to make their work easier! This incident makes Dr. Evil say: Why must I be surrounded by fr**k*n’ idiots?  The alleged real reason MKM makes people show up: to get candidates to show their work samples because the associates there cannot come up with ideas of their own. It’s like getting candidates to do their thinking work for free! Even worse yet, it’s a sick a twisted way to get them to give them potential new clients.

Larry Miyano is proof the structural engineering profession is very unethical.  He can claim the bad actor excuse all he wants, but the fact is that he really is unethical.
At MKM & Associates, they didn’t invent discrimination against the long-term unemployed – they just perpetrate it. Folks, how many companies post ads in the SEAONC website and Craigslist only to later tell you in an interview that they are not hiring? It merely means they either have no actual work or they practice job discrimination or it could be completely something different such as keeping the firm’s name out there in the public to give the appearance of expanding when they really are not.  It clearly demonstrates they lack the ability to plan their future hiring needs. Why else would someone call a potential employee in for an interview only to later be told the firm doesn’t have the work? This sounds like a firm that is an accomplice to blacklisting of worthy individuals, then? Perhaps!

MKM & Associates did some pretty bad things like not check excellent references of candidates. It makes people wonder whether they participate in the blacklisting of others. MKM & Associates can be best characterized as sheep-le!  At MKM & Associates, they didn’t invent blacklisting and discrimination against the long-term unemployed, they just perpetrate it. Why else would they have a candidate come to a job interview for a non-existent job?
If you folks out there thought that was bad, check out what they told this potential employee through an email that we have received. Larry Miyano and the principals stated by email they would rather overwork their employees than to hire one to pick up the slack. Insurance companies have seen this email and love it because they will make more money off MKM in insurance claims. Sounds like MKM has slaves instead of ethical human beings, don’t you think?

Here is the email that was sent to the applicant:

Thanks for interviewing with us last Friday. We were impressed by the engineering work product you created on some of your past projects.

At our Principal’s meeting this morning, we decided that we don’t have enough projected future work at this time to hire an additional structural engineer on a full-time basis. Unfortunately, it’s still better to run a little “lean” during the economy’s slow recovery.

Thanks again for you interest in MKM. We hope that many large projects are in our future!

Larry Miyano, Principal

MKM & Associates
structural engineering
441 College Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Phone: (707) 578-8185
FAX: (707) 578-7153

That’s quite a different toned email than the one that was sent earlier.

As a result of these tactics, it’s now time to reveal to the public at large who these people are, who they work with, who they do business with, and what buildings they have designed. After all, if a firm is good at wasting a potential employee’s time and money, what stops them from wasting their clients’ time and money? Nothing, apparently! Now if they want to apologize to this individual for wasting his/her time, they are welcome to do so!  For right now, let’s list the buildings they have designed. After all, it’s easier to avoid a business when you know they discriminate against the long-term unemployed.

Recently, a car was spotted with signs about the emails and bad interviews.

418 B Street Office Building, Santa Rosa Whole Foods, Coddington, Santa Rosa Codding Bank, Rohnert Park
HRE Phase II, Reno, NV

Pacific Theaters, Rohnert Park
10th Street Office Building, Santa Rosa
Oakmead North Bay Industrial Park, Petaluma

Micro-Vu Corporation Phase 1 & 2, Windsor, CA
World of Carpets Avenues Stores, Santa Rosa
Mt. Storm Forest Products, Santa Rosa
Windsor Palms Plaza, Windsor, CA
Yardbirds Plaza, Petaluma

Anderson/Ayer Residence, Nicasio, CA
Hoffee Residence, South Kohola, HI
Horn Residence, Santa Rosa, CA
Kuimelis Residence, Healdsburg
Friedman Estate, Santa Rosa
H.F.I. (Nintendo), Kohola Coast, HI
Schwab Residence, Mauna Kea Fairways North, HI
Jurika Residence, Hawaii
Batinovich Residence, Hawaii
Hall Residence, Kona, HI

Fairway Knoll Townhomes, Santa Rosa, CA
Sonoma State University Student
Apartments Community and
Multi-Purpose Buildings, Rohnert Park, CA
Skyhawk Subdivision, Santa Rosa, CA
Monte Vista Villas, Oakland, CA
Parc Place, Milpitas, CA

NNC Student Dormitory, Nampa, ID
Idaho Center, Nampa, ID
Nampa Law Enforcement Building, Nampa, ID
Santa Rosa Firefighters Training Facility
Novato Fire Station
Nampa Fire Station #2, Nampa, ID
Duncan Mills Fire Station, Duncan Mills, CA
DeMeo Teen Center, Santa Rosa, CA
Mt. Tamalpais School, Mill Valley, CA
Reno High School New Theater, Reno, NV
Calistoga High School, Calistoga, CA
McNear Elementary School Addition and Renovation, Petaluma, CA
Mountain Shadows Middle School, Rohnert Park, CA
Casa Grande High School, Petaluma, CA

Roshambo Winery, Healdsburg
Franciscan Winery Visitor Center and Offices, Rutherford, CA
Trione Winery, Geyserville, CA
Lake Sonoma Winery, Geyserville, CA
Kendall-Jackson Winery Warehouse and Barrel Storage, Santa Rosa & Windsor, CA
Vineyard 29, St. Helena, CA
Michel-Schlumberger Vineyards, Healdsburg, CA
Harlan East Winery, Napa, CA
Spottswood Winery, St. Helena, CA
Seghesio Winery, Healdsburg, CA
Lamareaux Landing, Valois, NY
Quivera Winery, Healdsburg, CA

Sonoma City Hall (Retrofit), Sonoma, CA
Fountain Grove Round Barn, Santa Rosa, CA
Santa Rosa Railroad Depot, Santa Rosa, CA
Sebastopol Cooperative, Sebastopol, CA
Mayette Village Shopping Center, Santa Rosa, CA
Town & Country, Santa Rosa, CA
Sebastopol Veterans Memorial Building, Sebastopol, CA
Canyon Road Winery, Geyserville, CA
Petaluma Railroad Depot, Petaluma, CA
Stonehouse, Santa Rosa, CA
Upton Building, Santa Rosa, CA
Holiz Building, Sonoma, CA
Native Sons of the Golden West, Santa Rosa, CA
Duhring Building, Sonoma, CA
El Paseo, Somona, CA
Mueller Hatchery, St. Helena, CA

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, Sonoma
St. Elizabeth Seton, Rohnert Park
St. Rose Multi-Purpose (Catholic), Santa Rosa
West Santa Rosa Baptist Church, West Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa
Camp Armstrong (Catholic), McGucken Center, Occidental, CA
St. Rose Elementary (Catholic), Santa Rosa
Stony Point Christian Fellowship, Santa Rosa
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church (Catholic), Windsor, CA
Resurrection Parish (Catholic), Santa Rosa
St. George Orthodox Church, Rohnert Park
Holy Spirit (Catholic), Santa Rosa
St. Mark Lutheran, Santa Rosa
Evangelical Free, Santa Rosa
Skyview Seminary, Nampa, ID
St. Philip Parish (Catholic) Addition, Occidental, CA
Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints, Santa Rosa
North Point Chapel (Latter day Saints), Santa Rosa
New Life Christian, Petaluma, CA

Oakmont Senior Care Facility, Concord, CA
Oakmont Senior Care Facility, Chino Hills, CA
Oakmont Senior Care Facility, Las Vegas, NV
Fresno Assisted Care Facility
Petaluma Senior Assisted Care Facility
Renovista Ridge Senior Assisted Care Facility, Reno, NV
Windsor Senior Assisted Care Facility, Windsor, CA
Canine Companions for Independence
Campus & Training facility, Santa Rosa, CA
Jewish Home for the Aged, San Francisco, CA

Sheraton Suites, Petaluma
Fountain Grove Inn & Restaurant, Santa Rosa
Marie Callenders, Santa Rosa
Southbridge, St. Helena
Sonoma Valley Inn, Sonoma, CA
Mandeville Inn, Calistoga, CA
El Pueblo Motel, Sonoma, CA
Fountain Golf Course, Santa Rosa, CA
Alliance Redwoods, Santa Rosa

And here are the list of clients they associate themselves with:

Avila Architects
AXIA Architects
BCV Architects
Corson Associates
Lail Design
Ryan Associates (contractor)
Starck Architecture


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We profile the bad recruiting practices of structural engineering.

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