Time to shine our light on another dumb structural engineering firm – and when we say dumb, this means dumb about running some aspects of their firm.  This firm is not only dumb at that, but very heartless as well.  And you will not believe who it is.  This structural engineering firm is Buehler & Buehler Structural Engineers!

No we are not talking about this Buehler.


For the folks out there who have never heard of Buehler & Buehler, it is a structural engineering firm founded in 1946 in Sacramento, CA, with offices in San Francisco, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.  They are widely known for designing a variety of projects, but we know them from their work on DSA projects years ago.  These engineers may know how to design buildings, but they do not know how to recruit qualified people to their firm.  We have proof of this.

An applicant recently responded to an ad.  We have posted it for reference.


This is a great opportunity for the applicant.  (S)he loves designing public schools because it is a need. (S)he have also reviewed buildings, so having both experiences is an asset.

But there is a major issue here with this ad.  It requires that (s)he has to live in LA first before (s)he even apply.  Nothing shows red flags like requiring people to live in the area before they decide to work there.

LoriBurbridge BBSE

Lori Burbridge is the UC Davis dimwit who has a B.S. in Political Science and Sociology and a Ph D in Bad Answers!

Buehler & Buehler has some major issues.  In fact, based on this ad alone and the email (s)he received, we would say they are anti-employee.  We want to emphasize we do not believe their engineers may not be like this, but based on my encounter with their marketing person, this is definitely the case.  Let me explain why we feel this way.

  1. Let’s say (s)he lives in an area where the climate is making him/her sick such as allergies like Austin, TX, I would not be able to work for Buehler & Buehler because (s)he would have to live in LA first.  Why would someone want to move to LA first without a job?  That is pretty dumb.  You need money to live in California.
  1. What if (s)he were moving to be close to a sick family member? According to Buehler & Buehler, (s)he would not be able to apply for that position because (s)he does not live in LA.  And who wants to relocate just to take care of a sick parent if they do not have a job?  No one we know of.
  1. What if (s)he wanted to be closer to my family and friends? (S)he cannot do that if (s)he do not have a job because (s)he needs money to live.  But (s)he would not work for Buehler and Buehler because (s)he would have to live in LA first before (s)he is allowed to work there.

What Buehler & Buehler may not have counted on is that this will be discussed in Congress.  There was a recent bill introduced on July 6th called the Lift the Relocation Burden on the Military Spouses Act.  This allows spouses of military members to transfer their professional licenses easier like Professional Engineers like this aplicant when they move with their spouses.  This is a great bill.


We got a big laugh out of a person who believes that her job is to find excellence.  We found out one of her talks.


How can this woman marketing manager know excellence when she is restricting candidates based on a geographic area?

Based on the email the applicant received from Buehler & Buehler, it doesn’t necessarily make you employable because you have to live in the area first.  When is living in LA a job requirement?  It is like believing that eating alphabet soup would increase your vocabulary.

Did you know Buehler & Buehler designed the Beale AFB Global Hawk Dormitory?  That is a big fat slap in the face, folks!

There are other issues.  This person has worked in the LA area for two years.  (S)he was staying in a hotel working for a building department.  (S)he developed some of the engineering standards many of the LA County communities use.  Also, (s)he has a California SE License.  Does this mean that because (s)he do not live in LA, (s)he cannot work for Buehler & Buehler?  Of course not!  Technology such as computers and high speed internet make it easier to communicate with clients over miles and miles.  But if it’s up to that marketing director at Buehler & Buehler, you cannot do that.

After (s)he received that email, this video seems a little hypocritical.  The engineers may mean well, but the firm cannot succeed if they cannot find people.  People will love the firm’s response to Commitment.  In the applicant’s case, it is a Commitment to use every excuse to reject candidates from working at that firm.


Initially, we were a little let down when we got this email.  But then we decided to do something about it.  We have decided to publicize this email and use it as a marketing tool.

  1. If you are an attorney looking at a construction defect case, you can use this email to show how bad the firm is at recruiting engineers. We will email it to them for their use.

  2. If you are an architect, would you hire Buehler & Buehler? We would say a big fat no based on my encounter with their marketing person until they apologized to me personally!

  3. If you are a contractor and have trouble with an engineer, you can now rest assured that Buehler & Buehler has problems based on the email we received from them. That means Buehler & Buehler will have to pay much higher insurance premiums.

  4. If you are a competing structural engineering firm, you can use this to recruit engineers away from Buehler & Buehler.

Right now, we are distributing this email to lots of people.  We will be going across California and showing it off to everyone.  And it will be in very public places.  Want to go to Costco and get your groceries?  You can learn about Buehler & Buehler: no problem.  Expect to see it at LA Live, the Santa Monica Pier, the State Capitol, DSA Offices, anywhere there is big masses of people.

If they are rejecting qualified candidates for reasons this stupid, do you think they will find anyone?  We are calling on the President of the firm to address this issue immediately with us personally.  If not, we will just keep showing this email off to everyone – and we mean everyone!  Unlike that bar Cheers, it is not necessary a good thing when everyone knows your name:  Buehler & Buehler!


ScottHooker BBSE

One person contacted CEO Scott Hooker of Buehler & Buehler!  (pictured above)  Scott Hooker was quite upset over the bad publicity and claimed the issue was caused by bad actors!  The problem here is that the entire profession of structural engineering is 100% bad actors.  The only way this will stop is if the reputation of the structural engineering profession is destroyed so badly that no one will ever want to be one.  Scott Hooker needs to prove to the public that structural engineers are not like the ones people have encountered.  Scott Hooker was quite shocked to learn the media ranks them worse than lint and most STDs.  Scott Hooker was also shocked that this group is destroying other businesses!  He needs to look in the mirror to understand why people hate his profession so much.  Saying that his firm doesn’t act unprofessional is useless unless he shows applicants that he puts his money where his mouth is.

And since Scott Hooker says they need someone who knows the LA market, we have a much better idea.  We believe the LA market should know them.  This is why we have decided to spread the word about Buehler & Buehler.  Think of Buehler & Buehler as that name people think isn’t nice so they will remember it twice!  Go to shopping centers and malls and display Buehler & Buehler as that bad structural engineering firm you should run from – like the bubonic plague.  Scott Hooker told this person they would get back to him/her right away.  This is a lie Scott Hooker told just to keep people off that firm’s back.  Typical!  So typical!  Savage individuals like Scott Hooker cannot even follow his own rules!

Also, another candidate applied to Buehler & Buehler.  That candidate was promised that they would be considered when more positions were available.  The problem is that this never happened at all!  Folks, this proves that Structural Engineers are the biggest liars in the engineering profession.  As a result, the profession must be permanently humiliated.

Folks, start spreading the word.  Use the name Buehler & Buehler for other words.  Go onto Twitter & Facebook and state that Buehler & Buehler is pretty bad.  Buehler & Buehler is structural stupidity you can count on!




Author: structuralstupidists

We profile the bad recruiting practices of structural engineering.

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