Have you ever wanted to be insulted?  Have you ever wanted to play Career Wack-a-mole?  Have you ever wanted to experience being in the next Dumb & Dumber movie?  Well, now you can do this and much more by applying to work as a structural engineer at Houston, TX-based Walter P Moore.

Recently, an applicant was contacted by Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz.  Later, Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz lied about the opportunities at his firm. The problem is that they exist.  Check out the post here and check out Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz’s email response to this applicant below.

Matt Soliz WPM


“Thank you for the interest you have expressed in employment with our company.

Your qualifications have been carefully reviewed. However, at the present time no position is available that would utilize your skills and experience.

Your resume will be retained for a reasonable period of time and you will be contacted in the event our employment needs should change. We also encourage you to visit our website as new positions become available.

We appreciate your interest in our company and wish you success in your search for a suitable career position.



Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz

Walter P Moore”


This is the applicant’s response to Matt Soliz and the entire Walter P Moore office.

“I do not know what to say.  I am really upset with you and your firm.  I also cannot believe how stupid your firm is.  I applied online for several of your positions that I know I am more than qualified like 2015-1168.  Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz says there is no positions.  That is a big fat lie.

Your employee Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz contacted me a month ago.  I followed up yesterday to see what had happened because for all I know, he could have been pretty busy.  I never heard from him until yesterday.  Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz claimed I do not have structural engineering experience.  Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz demonstrated the firm’s stupidity by not even accessing the California Engineering registry.  Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz told me he was against self-employment – which means he would rather have taxpayers fund my poor lifestyle.  When I asked Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz about this, he refused to answer my question.  When someone refuses to give specifics, this usually means the company is a bad place to work.  Sir, if your engineers designed structures like your recruiters give answers, then I would not hire WPM.  I would even urge other people not to hire WPM and U would provide them the email.  The entire thing was overheard by lots of people, so there were plenty of laughs and gasps to be had.  I aired it on the radio.  I even showed off my portfolio publicly.  There are children smarter than than Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz and their age is in the single digits!  People were loving the fact the Walter P Moore has idiot recruiters like Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz. I like to think of WPM recruiters as being Stevie Wonder on a hunting trip because they miss everything.  I overheard the name Walter P Moron being mentioned again and again!

I would like to show how I fit the qualifications of the position because Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz demonstrated clearly he doesn’t want to do his job.  Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz needs to learn that communication is part of the job, so I have decided to let everyone see this. Right now, Soliz’s performance is crap-tacular and suck-tacular!


The qualified candidate will have at least 8+ years’ relevant experience working on design of office buildings, healthcare facilities, sports venues and other large commercial structures with construction costs of $25 million and up. I have more than 8 years of experience.

The qualified candidate should possess a high energy level and be a self-motivated professional who can work within a strong team environment, serving clients on major projects throughout the United States and internationally.  Technical specialization, proactivity and aggressiveness when meeting client and project needs, are pluses.  I have high energy because I have found everyone in the firm and let them see what Matt Soliz is up to.

Clients will include architects, developers, institutions, and contractors.  In addition to all the skills listed above, the qualified candidate should possess a strong “can-do” customer service attitude.


  • 8+ years’ experience in relevant commercial building design  I have been doing this for 17 years and counting!
  • Demonstrated career growth that includes experience working on design teams for a variety of building types  I have designed and reviewed all of them.
  • Master’s in Civil Engineering with emphasis in Structural I have this degree.
  • E. in California, or ability to obtain licensure within one year  I have a California Structural Engineer license so this isn’t a problem.
  • Candidates must be proactive, have strong organizational skill, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and be client-service oriented  By writing this email to everyone in the firm, I am showing great communication skills by showing you and the public at large why Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz cannot read resumes.



Of course, Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz, the member of a dangerous savage child-race, told an applicant that (s)he did no structural engineering experience whatsoever because Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz claimed Walter P Moore doesn’t do that work.  Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz may live in Houston, but based on his response, you would think he never even went in or near Minute Maid Park.  Walter P Moore recruiter How can they bring value to their clients when they cannot even read resumes?  Here is the short answer:  they can’t!

Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz even had the audacity to tell the applicant their work experience was phony.   Has he ever read the firm’s website?  How do recruiters like Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz claim applicants never designed buildings when they do not even access publicly available information like plan check responses?  Guess Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz never heard of signing inspection paperwork at the Building Department?  Matt Soliz is that least likely candidate for human cloning!

How can Walter P Moore be open to innovation when their recruiters are complete idiots like Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz?  If Steve Jobs were to apply to work at Walter P Moore, Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz would deny him an opportunity?  Also, imagine if Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz were alive during WW II.  If he worked at GE Military and someone came there to work to design better missiles for the Americans, would Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz let them in the door?  Of course not because Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz is an idiot!


If you read the Glassdoor reviews, you will see things like:

“Unless you have a manager that is willing to champion your development as an engineer, you will be relegated to engineering grunt work no matter how many years of experience you have.  If you are not at the main office, career opportunities are slim.  Pay is not commensurate with experience, especially if you are female.”

“Lack of integrity in section manger that I deal with and his immediate supervisor. IN this company you can create unique solutions that have never been done before and no one taught you how to do, but in every single occasion you will find that the mangers will claim the work to be their own. You are prevented even from meeting the client as their egos might get hurt.”

“Stop being this dishonest, stop plagiarizing. Upper mangers can easily check the linkedin pages of lower mangers and check the content and claimed expertise against the employment record, when someone in their linkedin page claims something and they were not even in the company at the time, well, duaaah”

That’s right, folks!  This firm is so bad they don’t even question things!  Just ask Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz

And speaking of Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz, did you know he has got to be the dumbest con artist in the recruiting world.  If you are going to recruit people to your firm, you should make it sound as good as possible and then rip the employees off once they become employees of Walter P Moore!

Based on this encounter, the firm needs to change its name to Walter P Moron.  The P stands for P D-idiot because they are all idiots at this firm!


This person did contact their CEO Dilip Choudhuri.  Dilip Choudhuri never even made an effort to address that person’s concerns!  Dilip Choudhuri is as useful as a screen door on a submarine.  He did absolutely nothing!  How can this idioitic CEO Dilip Choudhuri get people to work for Walter P Moore when his idiotic recruiters cannot understand basic reading comprehension skills.  Matt Soliz is proof that his job needs to be eliminated ASAP.  That is why it is recommended that companies like TriNet should be in the market to take over their services.  Not only is it cheaper for a company, but firms like Walter P Moore would not have to deal with the fallout of bad recruiting practices committed by thir firm’s village idiot Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz.


Many people have asked what they can do. It is really simple:  boycott all the businesses that Walter P Moore has worked with.  Stadiums stick out in big cities across the U.S., so it would be great that people know where they are.  Here is a list of them:



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We profile the bad recruiting practices of structural engineering.

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