A member of Structural Stupidists had a blast a few days ago.  (S)he had another bad interview with a major municipality.  This municipality is one of the largest cities in the U.S.  It is the city of San Jose, CA.

The man pictured above is Chu Chang, San Jose’s Chief Building Official.

The city of San Jose recently posted an ad for their Plan Review positions. It is posted below.  (S)he decided to apply and was invited to be interviewed.  (S)he had been interviewed 9 times before and never received an offer.  Honestly, (s)he did think the 10th time would be the charm.  Boy was (s)he wrong!


City of San José

About the Department

The City of San José, the Capital of Silicon Valley, is one of the nation’s best managed cities and one of the top ten cities in which to live, work, and do business. Moreover, San José is the center of cultural, government and economic activity for the region. The employees of the City of San José have embraced the following values: Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, Collaboration, Respect and Celebration.

The City’s Planning, Building and Code Enforcement Department is seeking an individual whose values align with the values of the City’s employees.

The Planning, Building and Code Enforcement Department’s mission is to facilitate the preservation and building of a safe, attractive, vibrant and sustainable San José through partnership with and exceptional service to our diverse communities and customers.

Job Title: Associate Engineer (Plan Check)

Job Start Date: Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Job Description:

Position and Duties

The Department is currently recruiting to fill an Associate Engineer (Plan Check) position in the Plan Review Services Division with duties including, but are not limited to:

– Advising professional engineers, architects and others concerning code requirements, engineering and planning problems arising in the preliminary design of buildings and structures.

– Examining plans, calculations and specifications for residential, multi-family, commercial and industrial buildings, including complex major structures for structural adequacy, zoning and general compliance with governing laws, codes, ordinances and regulations.

– Making independent engineering analyses on proposed buildings when required to justify the structural safety of design.

– Working closely with and giving information to professional engineers, architects, contractors and the general public regarding building code, zoning and general requirements concerning buildings and structures.

– Coordinating effectively with Development Service partners e.g. Planning, Fire Prevention, Public Works, Environmental Services for plan review consistency and streamlining permit process.

– Issuing permits after review of plans.

– Advising building inspectors on structural, fire and life-safety challenges arising in the field during the construction of a building project.

– Instructing inspectors and technicians in the review of simple building plans.

– Conducting safety assessments of older buildings and assisting in enforcing compliance with the City’s Disaster Response Plan.

– Performing observational review of critical structural elements of the projects under construction.

To view the full announcement for this exciting opportunity with the City of San José and to apply online, please visit the City of San José’s employment page at, under Open Competitive Recruitments

Job Requirements:

Minimum Qualifications

Education: A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in Architectural, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, or a closely related field (e.g. Construction Management). *An EIT certificate is not acceptable as replacement for the required Bachelor’s degree.*

Experience: Associate Engineers working in the Building Division as plan reviewers must have four (4) years of progressively responsible experience in professional civil engineering work with at least two (2) years of experience in design and construction of buildings.

Licenses or Certificates:

-Registered as a Civil Engineer or Architect with the State of California (candidates are required to submit proof of registration when applying).

-Valid California driver’s license.

Employment Eligibility: Federal law requires all employees to provide verification of their eligibility to work in this country. Please be informed that the City of San José will not prepare or file a labor condition application with the Department of Labor.


There were some knowledge questions.  (S)he have no issue with those questions.  If you want to judge whether someone is fit to review plans, they should have a basic understanding of the California Building Code.

  1. Name the seismic vertical and horizontal irregularities and examples of each.
  1. Name the lateral systems and building materials you have designed with. (S)he has designed with quite a few systems.
  1. State what the omega factor is used for. (This is ironic because the plan reviewer from the city of San Jose did not know what it was.  (S)he knows this for a fact because (s)he received it in an email.)
  1. State the four requirements for podium construction according to the California Building Code. Those four requirements are the lower structure was 10 times stiffer than the upper structure, the period of the entire structure shall not be 10% bigger than that of the upper structure and the upper portion and lower portions shall be designed using their respective R & rho values.  (S)he was told by the panel (s)he was completely wrong!  If these people cannot read the code, we can only imagine how they read plans.

There was NO written multiple choice test where applicants would have to know the structural engineering code in its entirety.  If they had one, people would be least likely to deal with reviewers with no common sense.

Some questions they asked had no possible way of happening in the course of your career.

  1. (S)he was asked about a time about having lots of deadlines at the same time and what (s)he did about it. (S)he mentioned how (s)he would work with the owners to see which project they really needed.  If (s)he would not be able to get to a project within a deadline, then (s)he would notify his/her customer why this would happen.  In his/her personal experience, the city of San Jose has never done this.
  1. (S)he was asked what (s)he would do when a customer contacted him/her about the status of plans that were not reviewed by all disciplines. (S)he said (s)he would release them under the stated condition that other disciplines have not reviewed the plans yet. This would be beneficial because the engineer or architect may have additional information to resolve the plan review comments.   This city is so backwards they do not have electronic plan submittals so they could see for themselves.  By having someone answer the phone, the city of San Jose is unnecessarily wasting time.


If people are going to lie to applicant’s faces in an interview, then they should expect to answer questions about their lies.  (S)he know they are lies because no one in their right mind would work for the city of San Jose after hearing these questions in interviews.  So (s)he decided to ask them in front of everyone.  Keep in mind these people do not know what happens during their own interview process.  Here are the issues (s)he raised during my interview:

  1. (S)he asked them about how the second interview was set up. They told him/her it would be an in-person interview.  They told him/her they always did it.  When (s)he asked them about the time they turned it to a four-minute in-person phone interview, they all drew a blank look.  (S)he did mention that (s)he broadcasted it on the radio in LA and that the entire phone conversation was on a speakerphone in front of LA County Sheriff’s Deputies.  These people drew blank faces.  Apparently, these people have never heard that any mike in the form of a cell phone is a live mic.
  1. (S)he asked the panel how the position became available. These people could not answer the question.  If someone is part of that department, (s)he would expect them to know why they are advertising for help.  This means they have major personnel problems.  Someone asked him/her whether they fire someone before they are eligible to become part of a Union.  (S)he does not know if this is true, but (s)he would not be surprised.
  1. (S)he asked the panel if anyone at the City Planning Building & Code Enforcement Division ever took a $30K pay cut. They all claimed that never happened.  When (s)he mentioned that their boss mentioned it in my interview, they were clueless and claimed it wasn’t true.  So (s)he played back the audio and boy were they speechless.
  1. (S)he asked them whether they encountered their boss altering official approved plans to cause life safety issues during the course of their employment. They gave him/her blank stares.  This was an interview question given to him/her by their boss.
  1. (S)he asked them whether they valued integrity. They kept telling him/her they did.  The only problem with that is that one of their plan review engineers James Son was busted by the state of California for publishing exact questions from the California Structural Engineering Exam and selling them for hundreds of dollars a pop.  This is a pretty important exam because of the seismic safety laws we have in California.


  1. (S)he asked the interview panel about an NBC Bay Area featured the city of San Jose neglecting their duty in enforcing accessibility requirements. They drew complete blanks.  (S)he would have expected them to at least know something about it and/or come up with a reason.
  1. (S)he asked them whether everyone had to have a California Professional Engineering License and a Building Plans Examiner certification to work in this position. The panel told him/her yes. Even their own ad calls this a Requirement.  There is one major problem with this: they have at least two reviewers with no engineering license whatsoever on their staff.  These reviewers were so bad they do not know how to communicate.  His/her recent plan check experience with the city of San Jose demonstrates they hire reviewers with no engineering expertise on lateral systems like plywood shear walls, or had never even knew how to use an engineering scale (which 3rd graders understood in one minute), or even finding a collector on a plan with the words COLLECTOR all over the plans.  The city of San Jose has unlicensed reviewers in the names of Kia Goudarzi and Su Tran.


These people have no licenses according to the State Board for Professional Engineers.  You can confirm this for yourself by entering their last names in the state database.


This was especially important because a few engineers passed themselves off as professionals and were not even licensed.


  1. The panel told him/her they had no buddy system, so if a plan review engineer gets a building type they are not familiar with, you are expected to educate the plan review engineer instead of the city staff. This is meaningless when they have not even had a basic engineering course in the subject matter.  Recently, (s)he had a plan review engineer who have never even taken a wood design course at all.  Kia Goudarzi the plan review engineer could not understand simple concepts such as shear, moment, and deflection.   We believe the only reason the city hires these inexperienced people is so they can rack up the plan review fees that owners and clients pay.  This is a major ripoff!
  1. (S)he asked the panel if they ever sent incorrect code interpretations to customers. They denied it – until (s)he showed them copies of the emails and the notes from a recent meeting with them.  In one email, they had told him/her it was OK to place a collector through a fire wall.  When the plan reviewer Kia Goudarzi was asked in person the same exact question, guess what?  It was not allowed.  The interview panel looked like a deer in headlights.
  1. Our last and most favorite thing the interview panel stated to hm/her was that they never read the resumes of their applicants. In fact, they are so bad they never even check public records requests.  When someone says this, it means they have absolutely no idea what their job entails.  Imagine if these people were dating someone of the opposite sex.  If one of them showed up on the Megan’s Law registry, would they ignore it?

Obviously they turned him/her down.  We are not surprised by it because the city of San Jose is run by complete idiots.  Why interview someone 10 times for a position?  A few people think they are using this person as a qualified white person to claim they interviewed all the qualified people.  Interview panels should not be upset that (s)he knew the questions beforehand because (s)he was interviewed 10 times.  If you have to interview someone 10 times for a position and not give them the offer, you have a major problem.  The only reason we believe the city of San Jose does this is because someone or some people named Lisa Joiner, Chu Chang, John Chiang, and Marc Garcia may want their egos stroked.


We know of other issues they have.  For example, we have brought two California cities to having the cheapest insurance rates for homeowners.  You would think San Jose would want this because Mayor Sam Liccardo keeps campaigning he wants to lower the costs for business.  You would be dead wrong!  We were told by their interview panels composed of Chu Chang, Lisa Joiner, Marc Garcia, and John Chiang it didn’t matter!  We guess some of their staff maybe in the pocket of Big Insurance – we don’t know!  We wonder what San Jose Mayor Liccardo is doing to promote saving.  Based on our organization’s encounter with the Planning, Building, and Code Enforcement Department, absolutely nothing!


Insurance for homeowners is not the only major issue.   Having bad reviewers is stressful on every engineer and architect who submits plans.  If you are depending on the city of San Jose for advice, don’t do it because they will cause plenty of aggravation.  They are incompetent in the worst possible way.  Many people have seen the movie 50 First Dates and may recall the character known as 10-second Tom.  Well, folks, these reviewers are exactly like 10 Second Tom.

We had a recent bad review from the city of San Jose.  This plan reviewer Kia Goudarzi was so bad he lost the plan review response letter printed in color and on 30 lb paper, couldn’t read a table of contents for calculations, and had no common sense.


Most people would be pretty upset about their bad experience.  We decided to have fun and showed people how dumb the city of San Jose is.  We asked a grocery store clerk, a waiter, and a fry cook from In N Out to find the collectors on the plans.  This is pretty easy because the word “COLLECTOR” was on them.  They found it but the San Jose Plan Reviewer Kia Goudarzi could not.

We asked that aplicant’s 3rd-grade daughter whether a 10 foot beam would be ok if that beam could span 13 feet given the identical loading.  She got the question correct in 5 seconds while the San Jose plan reviewer Kia Goudarzi failed to get it right at all.  This should have been easy to the plan reviewer because this could have happened in any material:  steel, concrete, or CMU.  The San Jose Plan Checker failed miserably.

As for our ideas to help the city of San Jose, we decided to show those off too.  We made sure we mentioned they were not allowed compliments of the Chief Building Official and Ethnocentric Corruptor Chu Chang.  We made sure we mentioned where he got his degree:  University of Texas at Austin.


We have a message for San Jose’s Chief Building Official Chu Chang:

“CBO, you apparently have 99 problems in your division and you are a big one!  CBO, you do not get to tell applicants they do not belong in structural engineering.  CBO, that applicant has that California license for a reason!  You would not like it if that applicant performed illegal discrimination against Asians.  If that applicant wants to review building designs because he/she is qualified, you have no right to tell him/her to get out of the engineering profession because it makes you feel inferior.  If (s)he wants to do this because (s)he enjoys it, that is his/her business and not yours.  You do you!”


Recently, the City of San Jose posted the position again.  There are many reasons to post it again.  We think they either do not pay well, the candidates selected turned the job down, they are looking for inexperienced engineers who will not question what someone tells them (which we posted two of them), or they’re just wasting the candidate’s precious time. I would like to ask the Chief Building Official Chu Chang, the Ethnocentric Corruptor why he went to the San Jose Mercury News and kept stating they cannot find engineers to work for them.  We wonder if he is doing this for free publicity.  We personally think it is all of these things.  We also know Chu Chang or someone at the city of San Jose removed a member’s LinkedIn profile for discussing their interview experience.  Folks, we have written this so you don’t waste your time.  So spread the word today.



Wilmore-sadHave you ever wanted to waste your time applying for jobs that don’t exist? Have you ever wanted to waste $5 a gallon gas for something that’s almost completely useless? Have you ever wanted to decide between feeding your family and getting a non-existent job?

Well, you can do that by applying for a job as a Structural Engineer at Santa Rosa based MKM & Associates, founded by Larry Miyano. These principals shall remain nameless but go by the initials of Larry Miyano, SE; Eric Kraeger, SE; and John Cook, SE. At MKM & Associates, you will get to be told in person that they don’t have to work even though they placed an ad in the SEAONC website or on Craigslist.  Ironically, they design churches, so we guess they never read the Commandment stating Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness. This really proves they are not LEEDers, but structural stupid-ists. Why have a potential employee waste gas on coming to an interview of a non-existent job when the information could have been disseminated over the phone or through Skype?

Check out the email Larry Miyano sent to an applicant:

If MKM knew the job was already filled before the candidate got there, why didn’t they call the candidate up and tell the candidate that the job was filled? Perhaps MKM is partying like it’s 1989 because they apparently do not believe the use of technology to make their work easier! This incident makes Dr. Evil say: Why must I be surrounded by fr**k*n’ idiots?  The alleged real reason MKM makes people show up: to get candidates to show their work samples because the associates there cannot come up with ideas of their own. It’s like getting candidates to do their thinking work for free! Even worse yet, it’s a sick a twisted way to get them to give them potential new clients.

Larry Miyano is proof the structural engineering profession is very unethical.  He can claim the bad actor excuse all he wants, but the fact is that he really is unethical.
At MKM & Associates, they didn’t invent discrimination against the long-term unemployed – they just perpetrate it. Folks, how many companies post ads in the SEAONC website and Craigslist only to later tell you in an interview that they are not hiring? It merely means they either have no actual work or they practice job discrimination or it could be completely something different such as keeping the firm’s name out there in the public to give the appearance of expanding when they really are not.  It clearly demonstrates they lack the ability to plan their future hiring needs. Why else would someone call a potential employee in for an interview only to later be told the firm doesn’t have the work? This sounds like a firm that is an accomplice to blacklisting of worthy individuals, then? Perhaps!

MKM & Associates did some pretty bad things like not check excellent references of candidates. It makes people wonder whether they participate in the blacklisting of others. MKM & Associates can be best characterized as sheep-le!  At MKM & Associates, they didn’t invent blacklisting and discrimination against the long-term unemployed, they just perpetrate it. Why else would they have a candidate come to a job interview for a non-existent job?
If you folks out there thought that was bad, check out what they told this potential employee through an email that we have received. Larry Miyano and the principals stated by email they would rather overwork their employees than to hire one to pick up the slack. Insurance companies have seen this email and love it because they will make more money off MKM in insurance claims. Sounds like MKM has slaves instead of ethical human beings, don’t you think?

Here is the email that was sent to the applicant:

Thanks for interviewing with us last Friday. We were impressed by the engineering work product you created on some of your past projects.

At our Principal’s meeting this morning, we decided that we don’t have enough projected future work at this time to hire an additional structural engineer on a full-time basis. Unfortunately, it’s still better to run a little “lean” during the economy’s slow recovery.

Thanks again for you interest in MKM. We hope that many large projects are in our future!

Larry Miyano, Principal

MKM & Associates
structural engineering
441 College Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Phone: (707) 578-8185
FAX: (707) 578-7153

That’s quite a different toned email than the one that was sent earlier.

As a result of these tactics, it’s now time to reveal to the public at large who these people are, who they work with, who they do business with, and what buildings they have designed. After all, if a firm is good at wasting a potential employee’s time and money, what stops them from wasting their clients’ time and money? Nothing, apparently! Now if they want to apologize to this individual for wasting his/her time, they are welcome to do so!  For right now, let’s list the buildings they have designed. After all, it’s easier to avoid a business when you know they discriminate against the long-term unemployed.

Recently, a car was spotted with signs about the emails and bad interviews.

418 B Street Office Building, Santa Rosa Whole Foods, Coddington, Santa Rosa Codding Bank, Rohnert Park
HRE Phase II, Reno, NV

Pacific Theaters, Rohnert Park
10th Street Office Building, Santa Rosa
Oakmead North Bay Industrial Park, Petaluma

Micro-Vu Corporation Phase 1 & 2, Windsor, CA
World of Carpets Avenues Stores, Santa Rosa
Mt. Storm Forest Products, Santa Rosa
Windsor Palms Plaza, Windsor, CA
Yardbirds Plaza, Petaluma

Anderson/Ayer Residence, Nicasio, CA
Hoffee Residence, South Kohola, HI
Horn Residence, Santa Rosa, CA
Kuimelis Residence, Healdsburg
Friedman Estate, Santa Rosa
H.F.I. (Nintendo), Kohola Coast, HI
Schwab Residence, Mauna Kea Fairways North, HI
Jurika Residence, Hawaii
Batinovich Residence, Hawaii
Hall Residence, Kona, HI

Fairway Knoll Townhomes, Santa Rosa, CA
Sonoma State University Student
Apartments Community and
Multi-Purpose Buildings, Rohnert Park, CA
Skyhawk Subdivision, Santa Rosa, CA
Monte Vista Villas, Oakland, CA
Parc Place, Milpitas, CA

NNC Student Dormitory, Nampa, ID
Idaho Center, Nampa, ID
Nampa Law Enforcement Building, Nampa, ID
Santa Rosa Firefighters Training Facility
Novato Fire Station
Nampa Fire Station #2, Nampa, ID
Duncan Mills Fire Station, Duncan Mills, CA
DeMeo Teen Center, Santa Rosa, CA
Mt. Tamalpais School, Mill Valley, CA
Reno High School New Theater, Reno, NV
Calistoga High School, Calistoga, CA
McNear Elementary School Addition and Renovation, Petaluma, CA
Mountain Shadows Middle School, Rohnert Park, CA
Casa Grande High School, Petaluma, CA

Roshambo Winery, Healdsburg
Franciscan Winery Visitor Center and Offices, Rutherford, CA
Trione Winery, Geyserville, CA
Lake Sonoma Winery, Geyserville, CA
Kendall-Jackson Winery Warehouse and Barrel Storage, Santa Rosa & Windsor, CA
Vineyard 29, St. Helena, CA
Michel-Schlumberger Vineyards, Healdsburg, CA
Harlan East Winery, Napa, CA
Spottswood Winery, St. Helena, CA
Seghesio Winery, Healdsburg, CA
Lamareaux Landing, Valois, NY
Quivera Winery, Healdsburg, CA

Sonoma City Hall (Retrofit), Sonoma, CA
Fountain Grove Round Barn, Santa Rosa, CA
Santa Rosa Railroad Depot, Santa Rosa, CA
Sebastopol Cooperative, Sebastopol, CA
Mayette Village Shopping Center, Santa Rosa, CA
Town & Country, Santa Rosa, CA
Sebastopol Veterans Memorial Building, Sebastopol, CA
Canyon Road Winery, Geyserville, CA
Petaluma Railroad Depot, Petaluma, CA
Stonehouse, Santa Rosa, CA
Upton Building, Santa Rosa, CA
Holiz Building, Sonoma, CA
Native Sons of the Golden West, Santa Rosa, CA
Duhring Building, Sonoma, CA
El Paseo, Somona, CA
Mueller Hatchery, St. Helena, CA

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, Sonoma
St. Elizabeth Seton, Rohnert Park
St. Rose Multi-Purpose (Catholic), Santa Rosa
West Santa Rosa Baptist Church, West Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa
Camp Armstrong (Catholic), McGucken Center, Occidental, CA
St. Rose Elementary (Catholic), Santa Rosa
Stony Point Christian Fellowship, Santa Rosa
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church (Catholic), Windsor, CA
Resurrection Parish (Catholic), Santa Rosa
St. George Orthodox Church, Rohnert Park
Holy Spirit (Catholic), Santa Rosa
St. Mark Lutheran, Santa Rosa
Evangelical Free, Santa Rosa
Skyview Seminary, Nampa, ID
St. Philip Parish (Catholic) Addition, Occidental, CA
Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints, Santa Rosa
North Point Chapel (Latter day Saints), Santa Rosa
New Life Christian, Petaluma, CA

Oakmont Senior Care Facility, Concord, CA
Oakmont Senior Care Facility, Chino Hills, CA
Oakmont Senior Care Facility, Las Vegas, NV
Fresno Assisted Care Facility
Petaluma Senior Assisted Care Facility
Renovista Ridge Senior Assisted Care Facility, Reno, NV
Windsor Senior Assisted Care Facility, Windsor, CA
Canine Companions for Independence
Campus & Training facility, Santa Rosa, CA
Jewish Home for the Aged, San Francisco, CA

Sheraton Suites, Petaluma
Fountain Grove Inn & Restaurant, Santa Rosa
Marie Callenders, Santa Rosa
Southbridge, St. Helena
Sonoma Valley Inn, Sonoma, CA
Mandeville Inn, Calistoga, CA
El Pueblo Motel, Sonoma, CA
Fountain Golf Course, Santa Rosa, CA
Alliance Redwoods, Santa Rosa

And here are the list of clients they associate themselves with:

Avila Architects
AXIA Architects
BCV Architects
Corson Associates
Lail Design
Ryan Associates (contractor)
Starck Architecture


Time to shine our light on another dumb structural engineering firm – and when we say dumb, this means dumb about running some aspects of their firm.  This firm is not only dumb at that, but very heartless as well.  And you will not believe who it is.  This structural engineering firm is Buehler & Buehler Structural Engineers!

No we are not talking about this Buehler.


For the folks out there who have never heard of Buehler & Buehler, it is a structural engineering firm founded in 1946 in Sacramento, CA, with offices in San Francisco, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.  They are widely known for designing a variety of projects, but we know them from their work on DSA projects years ago.  These engineers may know how to design buildings, but they do not know how to recruit qualified people to their firm.  We have proof of this.

An applicant recently responded to an ad.  We have posted it for reference.


This is a great opportunity for the applicant.  (S)he loves designing public schools because it is a need. (S)he have also reviewed buildings, so having both experiences is an asset.

But there is a major issue here with this ad.  It requires that (s)he has to live in LA first before (s)he even apply.  Nothing shows red flags like requiring people to live in the area before they decide to work there.

LoriBurbridge BBSE

Lori Burbridge is the UC Davis dimwit who has a B.S. in Political Science and Sociology and a Ph D in Bad Answers!

Buehler & Buehler has some major issues.  In fact, based on this ad alone and the email (s)he received, we would say they are anti-employee.  We want to emphasize we do not believe their engineers may not be like this, but based on my encounter with their marketing person, this is definitely the case.  Let me explain why we feel this way.

  1. Let’s say (s)he lives in an area where the climate is making him/her sick such as allergies like Austin, TX, I would not be able to work for Buehler & Buehler because (s)he would have to live in LA first.  Why would someone want to move to LA first without a job?  That is pretty dumb.  You need money to live in California.
  1. What if (s)he were moving to be close to a sick family member? According to Buehler & Buehler, (s)he would not be able to apply for that position because (s)he does not live in LA.  And who wants to relocate just to take care of a sick parent if they do not have a job?  No one we know of.
  1. What if (s)he wanted to be closer to my family and friends? (S)he cannot do that if (s)he do not have a job because (s)he needs money to live.  But (s)he would not work for Buehler and Buehler because (s)he would have to live in LA first before (s)he is allowed to work there.

What Buehler & Buehler may not have counted on is that this will be discussed in Congress.  There was a recent bill introduced on July 6th called the Lift the Relocation Burden on the Military Spouses Act.  This allows spouses of military members to transfer their professional licenses easier like Professional Engineers like this aplicant when they move with their spouses.  This is a great bill.


We got a big laugh out of a person who believes that her job is to find excellence.  We found out one of her talks.


How can this woman marketing manager know excellence when she is restricting candidates based on a geographic area?

Based on the email the applicant received from Buehler & Buehler, it doesn’t necessarily make you employable because you have to live in the area first.  When is living in LA a job requirement?  It is like believing that eating alphabet soup would increase your vocabulary.

Did you know Buehler & Buehler designed the Beale AFB Global Hawk Dormitory?  That is a big fat slap in the face, folks!

There are other issues.  This person has worked in the LA area for two years.  (S)he was staying in a hotel working for a building department.  (S)he developed some of the engineering standards many of the LA County communities use.  Also, (s)he has a California SE License.  Does this mean that because (s)he do not live in LA, (s)he cannot work for Buehler & Buehler?  Of course not!  Technology such as computers and high speed internet make it easier to communicate with clients over miles and miles.  But if it’s up to that marketing director at Buehler & Buehler, you cannot do that.

After (s)he received that email, this video seems a little hypocritical.  The engineers may mean well, but the firm cannot succeed if they cannot find people.  People will love the firm’s response to Commitment.  In the applicant’s case, it is a Commitment to use every excuse to reject candidates from working at that firm.


Initially, we were a little let down when we got this email.  But then we decided to do something about it.  We have decided to publicize this email and use it as a marketing tool.

  1. If you are an attorney looking at a construction defect case, you can use this email to show how bad the firm is at recruiting engineers. We will email it to them for their use.

  2. If you are an architect, would you hire Buehler & Buehler? We would say a big fat no based on my encounter with their marketing person until they apologized to me personally!

  3. If you are a contractor and have trouble with an engineer, you can now rest assured that Buehler & Buehler has problems based on the email we received from them. That means Buehler & Buehler will have to pay much higher insurance premiums.

  4. If you are a competing structural engineering firm, you can use this to recruit engineers away from Buehler & Buehler.

Right now, we are distributing this email to lots of people.  We will be going across California and showing it off to everyone.  And it will be in very public places.  Want to go to Costco and get your groceries?  You can learn about Buehler & Buehler: no problem.  Expect to see it at LA Live, the Santa Monica Pier, the State Capitol, DSA Offices, anywhere there is big masses of people.

If they are rejecting qualified candidates for reasons this stupid, do you think they will find anyone?  We are calling on the President of the firm to address this issue immediately with us personally.  If not, we will just keep showing this email off to everyone – and we mean everyone!  Unlike that bar Cheers, it is not necessary a good thing when everyone knows your name:  Buehler & Buehler!


ScottHooker BBSE

One person contacted CEO Scott Hooker of Buehler & Buehler!  (pictured above)  Scott Hooker was quite upset over the bad publicity and claimed the issue was caused by bad actors!  The problem here is that the entire profession of structural engineering is 100% bad actors.  The only way this will stop is if the reputation of the structural engineering profession is destroyed so badly that no one will ever want to be one.  Scott Hooker needs to prove to the public that structural engineers are not like the ones people have encountered.  Scott Hooker was quite shocked to learn the media ranks them worse than lint and most STDs.  Scott Hooker was also shocked that this group is destroying other businesses!  He needs to look in the mirror to understand why people hate his profession so much.  Saying that his firm doesn’t act unprofessional is useless unless he shows applicants that he puts his money where his mouth is.

And since Scott Hooker says they need someone who knows the LA market, we have a much better idea.  We believe the LA market should know them.  This is why we have decided to spread the word about Buehler & Buehler.  Think of Buehler & Buehler as that name people think isn’t nice so they will remember it twice!  Go to shopping centers and malls and display Buehler & Buehler as that bad structural engineering firm you should run from – like the bubonic plague.  Scott Hooker told this person they would get back to him/her right away.  This is a lie Scott Hooker told just to keep people off that firm’s back.  Typical!  So typical!  Savage individuals like Scott Hooker cannot even follow his own rules!

Also, another candidate applied to Buehler & Buehler.  That candidate was promised that they would be considered when more positions were available.  The problem is that this never happened at all!  Folks, this proves that Structural Engineers are the biggest liars in the engineering profession.  As a result, the profession must be permanently humiliated.

Folks, start spreading the word.  Use the name Buehler & Buehler for other words.  Go onto Twitter & Facebook and state that Buehler & Buehler is pretty bad.  Buehler & Buehler is structural stupidity you can count on!





Have you ever wanted to get screwed by an employer?  Have you ever wanted to interact with 21st Century Nazis?  Well now you can by applying for career opportunities that have Human Resource Managers and/or Recruiters like Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger.

Knowing Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger as we do, will future employees and employers be caught helpless by her?  Of course not!  Let us explain why you need to watch out for her.

Recently, Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger and her unethical structural engineering firm DeSimone Consulting Engineers had a potential LinkedIn member’s account cancelled because (s)he raised issues of unethical recruiting practices committed by Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger.  What are these ethics issues?  Just look at the emails Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger sent in response to a career opportunity as a Senior Project Engineer in the firm’s San Francisco office as an example of her stupidity.

On August 7, 2014, the following email was sent by DeSimone Consulting Engineers to the job applicant for the firm’s Senior Project Engineer position in their San Francisco office:

“Dear Applicant,

We appreciate you taking the time in submitting your resume for our open position.

We will review your application and contact you should your qualifications match our current needs.

Thank you for choosing DeSimone Consulting Engineers as your potential employer.


Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger

DeSimone Consulting Engineers

Human Resources”

On August 14, 2014, the unthinkable happened.  Adriana Gonzalez sent this response to the applicant:

Hello Mr(s) XXX,

My name is Adriana Gonzalez and I am the HR Recruiter at DeSimone Consulting Engineers. I would like to speak to you about an Engineer position we are currently recruiting for in our Las Vegas office.

I am available today and tomorrow before 6 pm to discuss the position further. Please e-mail me and let me know what day and time is best to reach you to schedule a phone call.

I look forward to your reply.

Kind regards,

Adriana M. Gonzalez

Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger
Human Resources Recruiter

DeSimone Consulting Engineers
Miami, FL”

See that email, folks?  Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger admits that the position is in Las Vegas instead of San Francisco like Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger advertised in the LinkedIn ad.  If you cannot tell the difference between a city in a desert and a city on the Pacific Ocean, you should not be in HR period.  Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana’s brain is best suited for reading about Human resources practices and definitely not working in it!

The candidate has wanted to clear up this mistake in person.  Unfortunately for the candidate, this never occurred because Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger never allowed the person to set up an interview appointment.  Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger was too stupid to return the phone call that was left on her voice mail.

“Hello Mr(s) XXXs,

It was nice speaking to you today. We would like to schedule a face interview with you. The interview will be in our San Francisco office.

When is the best time and date for you? Please provide me with a few options on your availability so I can coordinate accordingly.

Thank you,

Adriana M. Gonzalez

Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger
Human Resources Recruiter

DeSimone Consulting Engineers
Miami, FL 33131

That phone call never happened.  It is easy for someone from California to see if Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger called because she is based in Florida.  Miami has a 305 area code.

Check out her deceiving job ads!


Is this what they teach at Central Michigan University – to be unethical?  Yes, Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger is a Constitutional Stupidist, so stupid that she cannot constitutionally count past 1 because Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger has never heard of the First Amendment called Freedom of Speech.  Knowing Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger, she believes that other people should not be afforded the protection of the Constitution because it makes her look bad!

Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger had over 18 months to resolve the issue of the botched interview.  That never happened.  Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger was even told how to resolve the issue in the LinkedIn post she removed:  by calling the person and even rescheduling the interview.  But what did Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger do instead?  Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger chose to ignore it because she thought it would go away.  Guess what, Adriana?  This will not go away for the rest of her natural life!

We bet Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger was told by the owner and/or principals of DeSimone Consulting Engineers to address the issue.  Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger lied about addressing it because it was never done.  As a result, Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger was fired.  Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger lied like a rug.  Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger is literally a Jim Jones disciple who wants everyone to drink her Kool-Aid.

DeSimone Consulting Engineers is a business of structural engineers that design buildings, many of them by world-renown architects.  What statement is DeSimone sending to the public and their clients when HR Manager Adriana Gonzalez is acting so untrustworthy?  A pretty bad example, if you ask us!

Then Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger had the audacity to contact that person and tell them to remove the LinkedIn post instead of addressing the issue 18 months later.  Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger did everything but take responsibility for the problems she caused.  Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger blamed her problems on men because DeSimone is composed of men such as Vincent J. DeSimone, PE, FACI, F. ASCE, Hon. Ph.D.  Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger then stated that she did runs ads for Ghost Ads – where the jobs don’t exist at all.  Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger then had the audacity to tell the applicant she screwed that (s)he was not supposed to be upset about it.  Adriana needs to understand things called feelings.

Guess Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger thought that by removing evidence of the email, she thought that people out there would not know what she did.  This is why Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger filed a complaint with LinkedIn because it made her look bad.  I wonder what other crimes Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger would commit.  Based on this encounter, Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger is not a member of the reality-based community.  What Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger fails to realize is that she would have been much better off to resolve the issue instead of removing that person’s LinkedIn account.  That person was networked to several of DeSimone’s employees and clients.  Guess Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger didn’t want people to know what she did!

Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger had the audacity to ask people to remove her name from the LinkedIn post.  Guess Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger forgot she was the one who sent those nasty emails.  This means Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger participates in evidence destruction.  Just imagine what happens when her firm fires people.  We can imagine Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger lies about people’s unemployment claims to avoid paying them out.  Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger is definitely a member of 4-H, short for Huh, Hey, Hadn’t Heard It Was Unethical, and Heck if She Knows!

If this is how Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger acts when someone points out an issue such as interviewing the person for the wrong office, just imagine how Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger will be as a recruiter in her next firm.  Anyone who hires this woman needs to watch out because they will be harmed in the same way.

And you have to wonder whether Adriana is educated at all.  According to public records, Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger is a 2011 graduate of Florida International University with a bachelor degree in Hospitality Management and a 2014 graduate of Central Michigan University with a Master of Science in Administration and a concentration in Human Resources.  Based on her actions, we say NO!  Bet her professors at Florida International University are embarrassed big time!

These comparisons are simple: Bill Cosby is to sexual assault as Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger is to human resources manager.

Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger does not need an advanced degree to know she is not good at her job in Human Resources.  After all, this woman has failed to keep jobs for a long time.  According to public records, Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger worked:

As a Sales Associate at Kenneth Cole between 2005 to 2008

As a Guest Service Agent for Le Meridien Hotels, February 2006 to October 2007

A First Impression Officer at the St Regis Hotel from July 2008 to May 2009

A Guest Service Agent at Trump International Hotel between May & December 2009

A Guest Service Agent at the Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa between January 2010 and February 2011

A Human Resources Coordinator at JW Marriott Motel Miami between February 2011 and October 2012

A Personal Cruise Consultant at Norweigan Cruise Lines in October 2012

After doing things like this, do you think American tax payers should financially bail out Puerto Rico?  Based on Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger, the answer is a big fat no!

Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger is so bad she is now being used as a case study to get rid of recruiters and Human Resources Departments nationwide.  After all, Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger is a case study where they are a detriment to a company and need to be abolished permanently.  And she can now experience the wrath of all those HR professionals whose jobs she has endangered.

Based on this job history, would you hire Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger?  The answer is a big fat no if you have one brain cell.  If a firm does, we will out them and put them out of business.  Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger should be thought of as Adriana Noonien Singh because she is unethical, ruthless, and not hesitate to destroy the reputations of innocent job seekers.  She should be thought of as Adriana Stavro Blofeld because she is just as evil as namesake Ernst!  Based on the DeSimone encounter, Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger should not even be involved in Human Resources at any company period!  Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger is after all a macrobitch with a microbrain!

As many of you may not even know, Puerto Rican Nazi Adriana Gonzalez aka Adriana Pittenger has been fired.  She contacted the person who complained about her bad hiring practices.  Instead of addressing the issue, she decided to participate email destruction.


Folks, DeSimone Consulting Engineers has decided to change their hiring practices.  HR will no longer be interviewing the engineers.  Instead, the firm owner Stehen DeSimone will be doing it



As many of you may have heard, the 301 Mission condo tower in San Francisco is sinking into the ground.  DeSimone Consulting Engineers designed this tower.  The email docs of the bad hiring practices have been entered into evidence of the lawsuit.



Have you ever wanted to be insulted?  Have you ever wanted to play Career Wack-a-mole?  Have you ever wanted to experience being in the next Dumb & Dumber movie?  Well, now you can do this and much more by applying to work as a structural engineer at Houston, TX-based Walter P Moore.

Recently, an applicant was contacted by Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz.  Later, Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz lied about the opportunities at his firm. The problem is that they exist.  Check out the post here and check out Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz’s email response to this applicant below.

Matt Soliz WPM


“Thank you for the interest you have expressed in employment with our company.

Your qualifications have been carefully reviewed. However, at the present time no position is available that would utilize your skills and experience.

Your resume will be retained for a reasonable period of time and you will be contacted in the event our employment needs should change. We also encourage you to visit our website as new positions become available.

We appreciate your interest in our company and wish you success in your search for a suitable career position.



Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz

Walter P Moore”


This is the applicant’s response to Matt Soliz and the entire Walter P Moore office.

“I do not know what to say.  I am really upset with you and your firm.  I also cannot believe how stupid your firm is.  I applied online for several of your positions that I know I am more than qualified like 2015-1168.  Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz says there is no positions.  That is a big fat lie.

Your employee Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz contacted me a month ago.  I followed up yesterday to see what had happened because for all I know, he could have been pretty busy.  I never heard from him until yesterday.  Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz claimed I do not have structural engineering experience.  Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz demonstrated the firm’s stupidity by not even accessing the California Engineering registry.  Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz told me he was against self-employment – which means he would rather have taxpayers fund my poor lifestyle.  When I asked Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz about this, he refused to answer my question.  When someone refuses to give specifics, this usually means the company is a bad place to work.  Sir, if your engineers designed structures like your recruiters give answers, then I would not hire WPM.  I would even urge other people not to hire WPM and U would provide them the email.  The entire thing was overheard by lots of people, so there were plenty of laughs and gasps to be had.  I aired it on the radio.  I even showed off my portfolio publicly.  There are children smarter than than Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz and their age is in the single digits!  People were loving the fact the Walter P Moore has idiot recruiters like Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz. I like to think of WPM recruiters as being Stevie Wonder on a hunting trip because they miss everything.  I overheard the name Walter P Moron being mentioned again and again!

I would like to show how I fit the qualifications of the position because Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz demonstrated clearly he doesn’t want to do his job.  Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz needs to learn that communication is part of the job, so I have decided to let everyone see this. Right now, Soliz’s performance is crap-tacular and suck-tacular!


The qualified candidate will have at least 8+ years’ relevant experience working on design of office buildings, healthcare facilities, sports venues and other large commercial structures with construction costs of $25 million and up. I have more than 8 years of experience.

The qualified candidate should possess a high energy level and be a self-motivated professional who can work within a strong team environment, serving clients on major projects throughout the United States and internationally.  Technical specialization, proactivity and aggressiveness when meeting client and project needs, are pluses.  I have high energy because I have found everyone in the firm and let them see what Matt Soliz is up to.

Clients will include architects, developers, institutions, and contractors.  In addition to all the skills listed above, the qualified candidate should possess a strong “can-do” customer service attitude.


  • 8+ years’ experience in relevant commercial building design  I have been doing this for 17 years and counting!
  • Demonstrated career growth that includes experience working on design teams for a variety of building types  I have designed and reviewed all of them.
  • Master’s in Civil Engineering with emphasis in Structural I have this degree.
  • E. in California, or ability to obtain licensure within one year  I have a California Structural Engineer license so this isn’t a problem.
  • Candidates must be proactive, have strong organizational skill, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and be client-service oriented  By writing this email to everyone in the firm, I am showing great communication skills by showing you and the public at large why Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz cannot read resumes.



Of course, Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz, the member of a dangerous savage child-race, told an applicant that (s)he did no structural engineering experience whatsoever because Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz claimed Walter P Moore doesn’t do that work.  Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz may live in Houston, but based on his response, you would think he never even went in or near Minute Maid Park.  Walter P Moore recruiter How can they bring value to their clients when they cannot even read resumes?  Here is the short answer:  they can’t!

Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz even had the audacity to tell the applicant their work experience was phony.   Has he ever read the firm’s website?  How do recruiters like Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz claim applicants never designed buildings when they do not even access publicly available information like plan check responses?  Guess Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz never heard of signing inspection paperwork at the Building Department?  Matt Soliz is that least likely candidate for human cloning!

How can Walter P Moore be open to innovation when their recruiters are complete idiots like Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz?  If Steve Jobs were to apply to work at Walter P Moore, Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz would deny him an opportunity?  Also, imagine if Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz were alive during WW II.  If he worked at GE Military and someone came there to work to design better missiles for the Americans, would Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz let them in the door?  Of course not because Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz is an idiot!


If you read the Glassdoor reviews, you will see things like:

“Unless you have a manager that is willing to champion your development as an engineer, you will be relegated to engineering grunt work no matter how many years of experience you have.  If you are not at the main office, career opportunities are slim.  Pay is not commensurate with experience, especially if you are female.”

“Lack of integrity in section manger that I deal with and his immediate supervisor. IN this company you can create unique solutions that have never been done before and no one taught you how to do, but in every single occasion you will find that the mangers will claim the work to be their own. You are prevented even from meeting the client as their egos might get hurt.”

“Stop being this dishonest, stop plagiarizing. Upper mangers can easily check the linkedin pages of lower mangers and check the content and claimed expertise against the employment record, when someone in their linkedin page claims something and they were not even in the company at the time, well, duaaah”

That’s right, folks!  This firm is so bad they don’t even question things!  Just ask Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz

And speaking of Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz, did you know he has got to be the dumbest con artist in the recruiting world.  If you are going to recruit people to your firm, you should make it sound as good as possible and then rip the employees off once they become employees of Walter P Moore!

Based on this encounter, the firm needs to change its name to Walter P Moron.  The P stands for P D-idiot because they are all idiots at this firm!


This person did contact their CEO Dilip Choudhuri.  Dilip Choudhuri never even made an effort to address that person’s concerns!  Dilip Choudhuri is as useful as a screen door on a submarine.  He did absolutely nothing!  How can this idioitic CEO Dilip Choudhuri get people to work for Walter P Moore when his idiotic recruiters cannot understand basic reading comprehension skills.  Matt Soliz is proof that his job needs to be eliminated ASAP.  That is why it is recommended that companies like TriNet should be in the market to take over their services.  Not only is it cheaper for a company, but firms like Walter P Moore would not have to deal with the fallout of bad recruiting practices committed by thir firm’s village idiot Walter P Moore recruiter Matt Soliz.


Many people have asked what they can do. It is really simple:  boycott all the businesses that Walter P Moore has worked with.  Stadiums stick out in big cities across the U.S., so it would be great that people know where they are.  Here is a list of them: