Amy Robin

Amy Robin, pictured above


You won’t believe what we have uncovered! This unethical engineering firm called Beca Group in New Zealand is a really bad firm, in our humble opinion. Bad recruiters are no longer confined to America.  Thanks to the Beca Group, they exist in New Zealand.  They claim they are hiring but guess what, they are only hiring Kiwis. If you were to see their ads in the SEAOC newsletters in America, you would think they were hiring for from overseas. Beca is not.

We encountered a person that they interviewed. We couldn’t believe how unprofessional Beca really is.  The people who showed their unprofessionalism are Heather Sporle aka Heather Douglas and Amy Robin. One of their potential candidates was supposed to have an interview on Thanksgiving Day at 7pm his/her time. (S)he waited all night by the phone and never even received a call. The Beca bimbos known as Heather Sporle aka Heather Douglas and Amy Robin never kept the appointment or even emailed the person that they were running late. This person made a copy of the caller ID display on his/her Internet phone to prove that the brainless Beca bimbos Heather Sporle aka Heather Douglas and Amy Robin never made the call they claim to have made.

Guess what Heather Sporle aka Heather Douglas and Amy Robin did? They accused this person of being unprofessional via email because this person presented evidence in the form of the Caller ID display from their Internet phone to prove that Beca never called.  Apparently, hiring whores Heather Sporle aka Heather Douglas and Amy Robin got mad at this candidate because (s)he proved that they idiots did not know how to dial an international phone number.

The only reason we believe these Beca bimbos rescheduled the interviews is so that they could make the schedule of them fit the candidates they wanted to select. Forgetting to interview people on their schedules as they promised is an indication that the Beca Group is not a company people should be working for. The interview went OK.

Anyway, the brainless Beca bimbos Heather Sporle aka Heather Douglas and Amy Robin denied this person an opportunity to be interviewed further. Guess they must be looking for people who will tow the company line at Beca Group. Wonder what the big guy known as David Carter thinks about the recruiting process of his company now!  Based n what we just encountered, it is broken compliments of bleach blond bimbo Heather Douglas formerly Heather Sporle!

About Beca, a study stated, “Modest about its achievements, Beca is sound, reliable and trustworthy. A long-standing New Zealand company with a solid reputation for not only delivering high quality, but also well known for looking after its staff. It is an all round leader in its field both in New Zealand and internationally.”

We’d like to ask what these people performing the study were smoking! How does Beca Group have a solid reputation when the Beca bimbos Heather Sporle aka Heather Douglas and Amy Robin treat people poorly during the interview process?

At Beca Group, they didn’t invent discrimination against the long-term unemployed. They just perpetrate it!  Why not Beca? BECAuse they are idiots!

In 2014, Heather Douglas gave an interesting interview to a newspaper about why her firm Beca Group could not find engineers:

One company looking to navigate the skill shortage is consulting firm Beca, which is in the midst of a campaign to hire 30 new civil engineers.

Beca’s New Zealand recruitment manager, Heather Douglas, said finding all these new staff was not a process that happened overnight.

“It’s quite a staggered approach.

“As a business we’re always on the lookout for good talent whether there’s an active vacancy or not,” she said.

“Markets have tightened up, so you have to be quite savvy.”

Douglas said networking was important for finding staff, as simply advertising positions often was not enough.

“We keep in touch with New Zealanders overseas.

“We’ll have an event at New Zealand House in the UK and put on the Heineken.”

One factor helping firms like Beca find staff was the halting of the “brain drain” to Australia, which has led to annual net migration across the Tasman dropping to almost zero as Kiwis choose to stay home or return here.

“Usually we have to really compete against Australian salaries but that hasn’t been there so much,” Douglas said. “Previously, people in middle positions could get $20,000 more in Australia but that’s slowing down and we’re not seeing that quite so much.”

Heather Douglas, do you know what would help you and your firm Beca Group?  Not lying to potential employees about calling them up for opportunities for your firm!  Heather Douglas is a real idiot!  If she cannot figure out how to read resumes or even how to interview them, she should step aside and have engineers do this.  Many firms in the US do this now because of all the bad publicity they have received.  In one such case, a major ENR ranked engineering firm is being sued over this because they designed a sinking condo tower in San Francisco!

As for Amy Robin, she was forced out of the recruiting industry after the bad publicity that we generated for her back in 2012.  According to her LinkedIn page, she is on a vow of poverty.


Folks, if you want to do something, keep publicizing these bad firms and the people who work for them.



This is another structural engineering firm performing a scam on potential employees. This person’s name is Bernhard Gafner. Do NOT forget his name!

Folks, if you thought that US structural engineering firms were the only ones that treat their prospective employees badly, then you will be in for a shock.  This blog will present the first Canadian structural engineering firm that treats their applicants badly.  The name of this firm is Aspect Structural Engineers, located in Vancouver, BC.

Ironically, this firm stated they were forward-thinking.  After you read this blog, you will learn this is not true at all.  Think of their promises as those of a crooked car salesman.


Here is where the story begins.  Back in July 2016, a prospective employee applied for a Senior Structural Engineer position they had posted on Craigslist. This person was really excited about working in Canada.  That person received an email that they wanted to have an interview with this up and coming structural engineering firm.

Aspect Structural Engineers

The person had a phone interview with mass timber expert Bernhard Gafner.  We were with this person during the interview.  We could tell from the excitement of that person’s voice that they were excited for being a part of this new firm.

Guess what happens next?  After the interview, the applicant was sent an email stating that there were no full time jobs.  Don’t believe it?  Then check out the email this person received from Bernhard Gafner and crew.


This is quite different from the firm’s LinkedIn page where they have stated they have procured plenty of work.  Just look at what their LinkedIn page says:


Bernhard Gafner insisted these jobs would materialize.  Gafner is a great last name for him because he makes mistakes constantly like how to hire employees.  It has been nearly five months and this is not true at all.

Ask yourselves:  why would a firm lie about having plenty of work and then tell a potential employee they wanted to hire that person on a project only basis?  There are many reasons for it:

  1. They want to show the competition they are busy by posting fake ads.
  2. They want to raise the engineering fees on their projects by falsely stating they are busy.
  3. They are planning on firing one or more of their employees secretly.
  4. They were using the job ads to get free design ideas without having to pay employees.
  5. They practice age discrimination against people over 40.

Bernhard Gafner and his staff have a natural talent for wrong answers and unethical behavior you just can’t teach.  We can only imagine what his dating or married life is like, but we don’t have to imagine:  Bernhard Gafner would cheat on his wife because of the encounter where he demonstrated to the potential employee he would lie like a rug.  Bernhard Gafner is a mass-hole!

As painful as this situation is, it’s actually a blessing in disguise, and anyone who wants to work as a Structural Engineer at Aspect Structural Engineers should think twice before doing so. Because when Aspect Structural Engineers used a bait-and-switch tactic, it means at least one of the following:

* The company is unethical.

* The founders, including one named Bernhard Gafner, are unethical.

* The environment is chaotic.

* The company is going through a reorganization.

* The corporate culture is abusive.

* Aspect Structural Engineers may be designing structures that violate the local and national building codes.

* The job is different from what you were told it would be.  In this case, the job went from full time to project based/part time.

* Aspect Structural Engineers will rescind other things it offered you, such as bonuses, benefits, or vacation time.

We would like to ask Aspect Structural Engineers how pulling a bait-and-switch is good.  Aspect Structural Engineers claimed they valued transparency, but if this is true, how do they explain hiring employees for specific projects instead of full time positions like they advertised on Craigslist?  Their ethical behavior is like Stevie Wonder on a hunting trip – they missed everything.

Also, you may wonder whether they truly know how to design buildings for earthquakes in Vancouver, BC, and in the province of BC.  We say they cannot do this because they admitted to lying to potential employees.

People are asking what they can do about it.  It is as simple as boycotting their clients.  And here they are:

Wood Innovation Research Lab (WIRL) – UNBC

Prince George, BC – Client name is Stantec

Splyce Design
D’arcy Jones Architecture

Copper Spirit Distillery

Bowen Island, BC

Client name is Rafael Santa Ana Architecture Workshop

Cargo Architecture

Battersby Howat
Landform Architecture



We have information to you on a bad recruiting firm.  This firm is so bad people should avoid this firm.  And who is this firm?  Ingman + Ingman, run by Jeff Ingham and Sharon Ingman, pictured below.


How bad is this recruiting firm?  This firm is so bad they post jobs that do not exist.  If you look on their website, the same ones have been posted since 2008!  And why would Ingman + Ingman, run by Jeff Ingham and Sharon Ingman, do this?  So Ingman + Ingman, run by Jeff Ingham and Sharon Ingman, can build up their database of structural engineers they can sell to prospective engineering firm in the future.

One person applied for one of the positions that was listed on their website.  This person received a phone call from Sharon Ingman of Ingman + Ingman.  Sharon Ingman of Ingman + Ingman sounded very pleasant on the phone. After this person emailed their resume, it went all downhill.  Sharon Ingman of Ingman + Ingman wanted this person to completely rework their resume to show all experience.  Most people with 10 or more years of experience only show the recent 10 years.  Sharon Ingman of Ingman + Ingman wanted this person to show experience in every single job they had.  This does no one any good when most of the people who worked this person are retired, dead, or deceased.

Ingman + Ingman, run by Jeff Ingham and Sharon Ingman, is psychologically abusive to their clients.  According to one person who used them, Sharon Ingman sent out this nasty email to the candidate.



Folks, you know what this means.  This is the biggest sign that Ingman + Ingman, run by Jeff Ingham and Sharon Ingman, is a bad recruiting firm.  Any structural engineer who is reading this knows that Ingman + Ingman, run by Jeff Ingham and Sharon Ingman, is not a real recruiting firm.  This means you should not waste your time with them at all.


Folks, we want you to learn that not all job ads like those on Craigslist are real.  This means you can waste your time applying for them.  One such firm that does this is IDA Structural Engineers of Oakland, CA, headed by Cal Poly Dumb Guy Stephen DeJesse & UC Berkeley alumnus Jon Kiland.

Stephen DeJesse

One person we know applied for one of these jobs.  This person interviewed with Cal Poly Dumb Guy Stephen DeJesse personally.  After the interview, this person never heard from the firm again.  And then IDA Structural Engineers has the audacity to repost their help wanted ad again and again.  Folks, you should ignore them completely.  Cal Poly Dumb Guy Stephen DeJesse has cried wolf so many times people should not believe him.  If this is how he treats potential employees, just imagine how IDA Structural Engineers treats their clients.  Evern worse yet, imagine how Cal Poly Dumb Guy Stephen DeJesse and his staff design buildings for earthquakes.  We suspect the plans will have major issues.


People ask why does IDA Structural Engineers post fake jobs?  Let us tell you what we think are the potential reasons IDA Structural Engineers does this.

– Fake job postings exist so that employers can gauge the current talent pool.  What better way to assess how in-demand a position is than to post an advertisement to fill that same position? The number of applications can be a valuable pointer on what to pay a person for a given job.  It also is an indicator of how easy that person is to potentially replace.  Guess IDA Structural Engineers thinks all their employees are replaceable.  You can thank Cal Poly Dumb Guy Stephen DeJesse for that.

– Fake job postings exist so that companies can get a back-up for your position and keep resumes on file. Since we already know that every job is temporary, an enterprising employer might be stockpiling talent in case you make a sudden exit, or, are asked to make an exit.   Translation:  Cal Poly Dumb Guy Stephen DeJesse may have high turnover at his firm.

– Fake job postings exist to make it easier for nepotism and other unfair hiring practices to occur.  When the boss wants his nephew hired, it’s not always cut and dry. In many organizations, the company needs to “look outside” for suitable candidates. Searching externally for a candidate can also satisfy any potential Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) mandates.  This is a quick and dirty way to appear fair.  Is this what Cal Poly Dumb Guy Stephen DeJesse is doing?  We don’t now but we suspect that may be the case.

– Fake job postings exist so that people can add you to a list.  It’s unscrupulous.  Some job postings exist to merely target consumers for specific products and services. Lame.

– Fake job postings exist so that criminals can thrive.  This is the lowest of the low, actual thieves who are looking to cull information about you so they can swipe your identity or engage in deviant behavior that involves your good name.  This is one reason why it’s not a bad idea to hold back on your personal information on an initial cover letter and resume.

– Fake job postings exist so that people can copy you. Resume plagiarism is prevalent. You need only search “resume template” or a variation to see the thousands of samples floating around on the Web.  Some shady cats have been known to take to sites like Craigslist and post a phony job within their field. This gives them access to dozens of resume that they can copy at will and make their own. We wonder whether IDA Structural Engineers is using this technique to branch into other types of work.  What better way to get work than to steal someone’s resume, claim that person works for IDA Structural Engineers, and then try to get work for the firm.  You can thank Cal Poly Dumb Guy Stephen DeJesse for potentially earning a place in career hell.

We wonder whether the clients and end users of IDA Structural Engineers knows what is going on.  If we were customers, we can simply not do business with any of their clients.  This includes the following:

Acura of Oakland; Plum Restaurant of Oakland; Walnut Creek Volkswagen; Whole Food Market in South San Jose; Lincoln Showroom of Newport Beach, CA; Novartis; Restoration Hardware; Robert Mondavi Winery; Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation

If Cal Poly Dumb Guy Stephen DeJesse wants to discuss this with the person they turned down, this person would be more than happy to discuss this.  In the meantime, structural engineers should not be wasting time working at IDA Structural Engineers and its President Cal Poly Dumb Guy Stephen DeJesse.




Have you ever wanted to be treated unprofessionally during a phone interview? Do you want to interact with a recruiting idiot? Well, now you can by simply applying for a job at AECOM. There are many pathetic things about Sacramento based recruiter UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell that you may not even know. Did you know that UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell requests candidates to interview via email and then she never responds for months? That’s right, folks, when UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell was contacted about a potential interview, UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell rolled over and played dumb and claimed she never got this person’s email for over a month. The problem is that the person’s internet service provider said otherwise. UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell reacted quite quickly and with hostility after this person threatened to report AECOM to the Los Angeles Times. UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell falsely claimed this person would be bad for business. Has UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell ever worked with this person like several of the other AECOM employees have? Most likely not! Guess UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell has an allergy to people who are smarter than those currently employed at AECOM! The reason UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell refuses to employ smart people is because they would come up with ways to make their company more efficient. Does UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell not want to save the company money?


UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell is so dumb she is willing to throw away $120 million in savings for her company AECOM. How many people come to interview a company have a California Structural Engineer License, 14 years of experience, and a Master’s degree? Not too many that we know of. This person was interviewed on several radio stations on the West Coast and even made appearances on national radio shows. We find this individual a great match for AECOM. Even this person had their work checked by AECOM engineers and even recruited this person to work for AECOM. But UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell does not because UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell does not like smart employees according to our encounters.
UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell has demonstrated many things, like she has a deep-seated hatred for people who are smarter than the people employed at AECOM. Can we tell you why UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell has a job at AECOM? We believe it’s because UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell’s an American Indian or an African American woman who appears not to be competent at all!  At AECOM, they didn’t invent job discrimination against the long-term unemployed, they just perpetrate it. Is this what UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell wants to do: create a class of highly intelligent engineers who are on public assistance? Well, UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell needs to realize is that money will be diverted away from AECOM’s projects and into social services programs such as food stamps. Will UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell want to pay for any federal student loans that have been defaulted on because she refuses to hire these people? We believe she should.

What UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell doesn’t want people to know is that AECOM really is a bad company.   UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell did absolutely nothing about it.  Don’t take our word for it. According to evaluations at Glassdoor:

Work-life balance can be an issue at times, particularly since the economic downturn.

While core values list employees as an important asset, this is often lacking in day to day operations both in the Sacramento office and from the corporate level.

Layoffs coupled with the thoughtless dropping of remaining workload onto remaining staff (not delegated, which would imply thinking was involved) have created a negative unhappy stressful work environment.

Very Political.  Good, solid engineers are taken advantage of, used, and sucked dry.  There is not time for training / mentoring of staff.

Layoffs started around (you guessed it) Christmas Eve! Basically you already had a relatively beaten down and demoralized workforce facing the grim reality that they would be next in the line of fire. And by January 2011 about 2 or three people were getting the axe per week (it is April now and this has continued). It created an ugly political and cultural atmosphere where there was once a positive environment became a dreadful place to come to work.

Everyone was on pins and needles and production took a huge hit, gossip and fear mongering became rampant, people started to step all over each other – and of course upper management seamed only to encourage the madness as they continue to sink even further as an organization. Astonishingly some of the other organizations that AECOM views as “competitors” (Gensler, HOK, Aedas, RTKL, SOM, etc) were hiring people.

Folks out there can read the other interviews & reviews on Glassdoor so they can learn about the bad company known as AECOM, employing UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell. Now if UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell wants to address the problem and hire this person, she was free to do so but did not do this at all.  She should hire this person now or AECOM will lose their clients. The choice is up to UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell and AECOM. UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell makes AECOM hiring stupidity you can count on.  Of course, UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell decided not to do this and took a new job at GEI Consultants as their recruiter!  Sequoia Howell is against bullying except when it makes her and her employer money.

Sequoia Against Bullying


Folks, if you ever apply for a job at GEI Consultants, you are in for the exact opposite of what a treat is!  UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell must be bothered that the Structural Stupidists are tracking down her whereabouts.  The Structural Stupidists transmitted this email to all of her co-workers.  UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell sent an email to an applicant who applied to one of her positions at AECOM and said some very interesting things:


Folks, this message demonstrates some very interesting things.

  1. UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell disagrees with the Glassdoor reviews. If that is so, what was she doing about them?  Absolutely nothing.
  2. Why did it take 5 years to reach out to a candidate UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell rejected? We think UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell is trying to cover her butt.
  3. UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell is such a bad recruiter she doesn’t even follow up with candidates.
  4. Even when these candidates are referred to her by people in her own company, UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell drops the ball big time.
  5. UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell admits to posting fake jobs.
  6. UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell admitted she read that email she received from the candidate back In 2012.
  7. Last but not least, UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell admits to not doing her job. If we were running GEI Consultants, we would fire her on the spot.

People are asking what they can do.  We can you can do plenty.  We can affect her personally.  Since UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell went low, people need to go much lower to deal with her.  UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell has clearly demonstrated she is incapable or a moral action in her life.


Since UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell has two sons, you can inform the children’s teachers the sons are being raised by a dishonest mother known as UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell.  Schools should bill her family for that unemployed person’s child’s free lunches because UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell caused this

Also, her hubby Wes Howell sells cars.  Ask yourselves: would you buy a car from someone whose spouse lies?  We suspect the true reason UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell did not hire this person is because this person would not buy a car from her hubby.

If you are an insurance company reading this, you should know that UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell will probably lie to you about damage at her home or business.  It is widely known UC Davis Dirtbag Sequoia Howell aka Sequoia Parrish-Howell participated in email and evidence destruction by deleting the above message and her LinkedIn profile, so do not expect her to behave ethically.


The Structural Stupidists have uncovered another structural engineering firm scamming job applicants with bogus job openings.  The individual who did this is Marcus Oden, a business development person with FE Jordan Associates, the Oakland based civil engineering firm.  When the Candidate went to the in-person interview, Marcus Oden stated the full time structural engineering position did not even exist.  Marcus Oden wanted the Candidate to only work for a week.


Ask yourself:  would you trust Marcus Oden with job openings he posts in the future?  We say you should not trust him.  To Marcus Oden, integrity is a toilet paper he uses without impunity.  And if Marcus Oden is that bad when it comes to job openings, would you trust him with life safety issues like structural stability?  Of course not!  The only way to stop this from happening is to not do business with him and his structural engineering firm Fortress Structural Engineering!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARecruiters are used when companies do not want to know employees are being replaced or when companies just do not have the time to interview people.  The goal of a recruiter may appear genuine, but almost 100% of the time, they make things worse by lying to the candidates that use them.  One such bad recruiter is Lisa Locke of the recruiting firm Locke and Key!

This Candidate applied for a Structural Engineering position offered by Rutherford + Chekene using Lisa Locke of Locke and Key.  Lisa Locke of Locke and Key appeared to be very enthusiastic for the Candidate.  Naturally, Lisa Locke of Locke and Key referred this Candidate to Rutherford + Chekene to be interviewed.

Rutherford + Chekene had their own ideas.  They decided to use this ad to pull a bait and switch on the Candidate. In this email, Marketing Director Priscilla Castro stated she wanted the Candidate’s references before the job interview took place.  Why would a marketing person do this?  Because she wanted to use the Candidate’s references to poach engineers from other firms, that’s why!  And people should not feel sorry for Priscilla Castro because her hubby is a member of the San Francisco Police Department, a police department known for unethical arrests.

Also in this email, Priscilla Castro told the Candidate the specific project (s)he would be working on.  Ask yourself:  why would a structural engineering firm state to a Candidate they only had a need for them on one specific project when Rutherford + Chekene ran a full time ad?  Rutherford + Chekene is a firm that intentionally deceives people, that’s why!  And Rutherford + Chekene has no issue being the most unethical structural engineering firm not only in the San Francisco Bay Area but in the entire U.S.



When Lisa Locke of Locke and Key was told about the issue, guess what she did about it?  Absolutely nothing!  Lisa Locke of Locke and Key has no issue with deceiving job candidates that use her service.  In fact, she can claim all she wants that she works for the company Rutherford + Chekene as their recruiter.  The fact is that Lisa Locke of Locke and Key is a very despicable human being who posts jobs that are not real.  Lisa Locke of Locke and Key posted a job stating it was full time when it wasn’t because she makes people believe she will lie about any job just to get herself some cash.  Based on this encounter, applicants who use her recruiting firm need to think twice before doing so because for all they know, all the jobs Lisa Locke of Locke and Key advertises are phony!

The only way people can protect themselves from this person is to avoid doing business with her.  Friends don’t let friends use Lisa Locke of Locke and Key!

Are you a client of Lisa Locke of Locke and Key?  Here are the clients:

Rutherford + Chekene


Page and Turnbull


Form 4 Architecture





Jeff King and Company




RINA Accounting


Van Meter, Williams, Pollack, LLP


Aaron Gordon Construction